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Post-Operative Surgery Care Guide


Post-Operative Surgery Care Guide

Post-Operative Surgery Care Guide

Plastic surgery procedures have been gaining in popularity non-stop over the years, with more people than ever opting to get life-changing procedures to look their best. Luckily, plastic surgery nowadays is a lot less invasive. However, every procedure still needs a certain level of aftercare to ensure that it heals correctly and quickly. The aftercare of the procedure often matters just as much as the procedure itself.

Some patients find the aftercare as the most anxiety inflicting part of before they even get the surgery done. That’s why it’s important to understand how to properly take care of yourself post-operation and what you should avoid doing.

With that being said, we have constructed this guide to help you with any worries you may have about post-operative plastic surgery care.

Follow doctor instructions

Immediately after your operation is the time when you are most likely to endure side effects. Therefore, while you’re still under professional care, it’s important to listen carefully to instructions given to you by your doctor about post-operative care.

You should also make sure that you attend all of your post-op appointments so that you can receive updates from your doctor on how well it is healing and if there is anything you need to do.

Take time off work

Taking time off work is very important after you have undergone a plastic surgery procedure. For the majority of procedures, you should take 3 to 5 days off work for office-based jobs, or at least 2 weeks for physically demanding jobs. However, these times will vary depending on what procedure you have.

Since plastic surgery is usually a planned cosmetic procedure, you should aim to plan your surgery around your available annual leave days so that you don’t take any sick days during your recovery period.

Get help from close friends and family

You must get the appropriate amount of rest following a plastic surgery procedure. It will be a huge shift in your routine and you will need help to do several day-to-day activities while you recover. For the first few days post-surgery, you will need help with simple tasks, such as driving, bathing, changing clothes, cleaning, cooking and potentially eating.

Prepare beforehand who will be there to help you in your recovery so that you have a concrete plan in place. For example if you have had tip rhinoplasty in London, you need someone to drive you home once you have been discharged and help you with essential tasks. This can be a close friend or family member, as it must be somebody that you trust.

Avoid overexertion

Being an avid exercise lover can be a problem if you are recovering from a plastic surgery procedure. It’s important that you avoid any strenuous exercise during your recovery period, but still make sure that you are somewhat active. Taking walks throughout the day can help circulation and lessen swelling.

You shouldn’t do more than walk until advised otherwise by your doctor. It could take a few weeks before you can start exercising properly again.

Eat healthily

Taking part in healthy eating should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle even without recovering from a procedure. However, while you are healing, you can eat nutritious foods that are low in sodium and refined in sugar to boost your strength.

Drinking plenty of water will also help you heal faster. It can also help avoid any swelling that may occur post-surgery.

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