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3 Sustainable Habits You Can Commit To Today


3 Sustainable Habits You Can Commit To Today

3 Sustainable Habits You Can Commit To Today

Sustainability has been at the forefront of world news in the last few years. With each country claiming to reduce its CO2 and waste production, not enough is being done to slow the rate of rising pollution. Whilst the large corporations that produce the majority of waste should be awarded the most responsibility to reduce their consumption, it is also up to us as consumers to make a conscious effort to become more sustainable. 

Being sustainable does not have to be a dramatic shift, but it should instead start with implementing small yet meaningful changes in an effort towards a greener world. In this blog post, we will share some of the easier sustainable habits you can commit to today, and the impact these changes can have, take a look at the following suggestions:


Shop sustainable fashion 

The fast fashion industry contributes a staggering 10% of total global emissions. These levels are not only damaging the planet, but they are also impacting the health and safety of low economic countries that are used to mass produce these garments. We can all decide to boycott fast fashion, and instead opt for sustainable fashion brands. Thousands of brands have emerged with completely sustainable practices for their clothing brands. From small independent handmade shops to online vintage resellers, there is a way to shop till you drop whilst also keeping sustainability in mind. Also shop for organic material such as cotton and bamboo linen, and do your research on the clothes you own to see exactly what they are made with. Refrain from throwing your clothes away, and instead try to re-sell or repurpose them to reduce your waste production.


Swap to refillable products 

Another great way you can engage with sustainability is to shop for refillable products instead of products that require new plastic packaging each time. For example, perfume bottles are often made in beautiful bottles, which unfortunately also come with a combination of wasteful materials. A lot of perfume brands now offer refillable bottles that are not only greener for the planet but are more cost-effective for consumers. Refillable bottles that also use recycled material are also key to look out for, as you may be able to rehome your bottles for another purpose! You can find just about anything in refillable packaging today, take cereal for example. Some supermarkets offer cereal stations with containers that you can bring from home.


Drive less, scooter more 

Cars are another huge contributor to CO2 emissions, polluting the air and making air quality poor for people who have to live amongst it. Whilst there are ‘Green’ areas that now limit the driving that can be done in areas, more action needs to be taken. If your commute to work, or commute to dropping the kids off at school is less than 10 miles, consider using a scooter or bike to get to your destination! Big wheeled scooters are not only safe to drive, but they produce zero emissions. There are dedicated bike and scooter lanes in most suburbs and cities now, making it even more accessible for users to ride sustainably and leave their cars at home.


Bottom Line 

Overall, a greener planet will not simply happen overnight, but we can make the changes today that will make a difference. By changing your lifestyle habits around sustainability, you can influence those around you to do more for the planet.

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