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Stress Less, Live More: Simple Techniques for Managing Stress


Stress Less, Live More: Simple Techniques for Managing Stress

Stress Less, Live More: Simple Techniques for Managing Stress

In a world where you need to do a million and one things, you are likely to burn yourself out and be filled with stress, which can ultimately lead to other health implications. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get things done immediately; we don’t just let life take its course and let go of the little things we cannot control.

This is your sign now to not let feelings of stress affect you mentally and physically. It’s a dark shadow we all need to shake off, especially in situations where the stress is trivial and shouldn’t really get to you. So in times where you find yourself stressed out and you can’t calm down, we have put together some tips to help you relax.

Go For a Walk

Walking in nature is really good for the soul; it not only keeps you focused on your surroundings but also allows you to practice gratitude and appreciate the beauty of life. While this might sound cringy, it’s completely true. If you can think so negatively about things, try looking for the beauty in them, and this will make you snap back into reality, and allow yourself to see that life isn’t worth stressing about.

Put on a men’s hoodie sale, comfy trainers, set off and only return when you start to feel grounded or better about the stressful situation.

Think About Things You’re Grateful For

We have already mentioned practicing gratitude and while this is something you should do every day, it’s a great way to turn your mindset around during stressful times. Start by listing things you can see around you that you are grateful for; if that doesn’t work, remind yourself of family and friends who love you. This can really take your mind off things that aren’t worth the time or day to think about excessively.

Have a Bath

Something that really calms everything down is a nice hot bath. Maybe chuck in some bath salts or a bath bomb to add to the calming ambience. Water itself is extremely good for the body. For example, they say if you’ve got a headache, submerge your feet in hot water and this is the same for many things. A bath can do so much without having to do anything, sometimes a little bit of your time is all that you need.

Breathing Techniques

There are a vast number of breathing techniques available that could help you calm down during stressful situations, such as pursed lip breathing and deep breaths. While this might not be enough in the long term, you could take up a yoga hobby. This will help you not only release some stress but also teach you breathing techniques that keep you zen at all times. Yoga teaches patience, discipline and how to be a calm individual.


This moves me onto my next point, exercise is fundamentally great for a range of reasons; it keeps you healthy but is also a perfect stress reliever. It helps get out some of that rage that might have been building up; this way, you can get a two-for-one, whether it’s working out at home or joining a local gym.

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