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Affordable Christmas Gifts For Her!

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Affordable Christmas Gifts For Her!

Affordable Christmas Gifts For Her!

If you’re looking for affordable Christmas gifts for her, then you’re in the right place! You don’t have to spend a fortune to show that you care this Christmas and we’re here to show you just that. No matter your budget, you can adjust what you choose to make this work, so get ready to feel inspired! 

Pamper Basket

First up, a pamper basket is a great idea that you can carefully tailor to the person you’re buying for and you can also choose options for any budget! Start by ordering a basket online (you can find these really cheap) or using one you already have, then start thinking about things they really love. This could be anything from fluffy pyjamas to face masks, their favourite tea or snacks, maybe some of their favourite toiletries or a bottle of wine if they like to drink, perhaps cute London souvenirs if they love the UK. You could also do a themed one, maybe it could be a spa night in or it could be sleep themed with sleep teas, a hot water bottle, candles and an eye mask. The great thing about this is it can be so carefully tailored to your loved one! 

A Scrapbook

Another really thoughtful gift is to create a scrapbook for your loved one. Get all of your favourite pictures together, print them off, then stick them all in a book with little annotations about each memory and what made it so special. This can cost next to nothing as you can find cheap scrapbooks, but it could be one of the most thoughtful gifts that they receive and they can keep together. You can also keep adding to it together by leaving pages blank in the back of the book. This is so special and will really show that you care. 

Bake For Her

If you’re a lover of baking, then baking something special is a great thing to do. It could be brownies, cookies or a cake, then decorate it nicely, wrap it in cellophane and then add some cute wrapping details like a bow, then you’ll have a stunning gift that shows you’ve put time and effort in. Whether you’re looking for an extra little gift or you’ve agreed you’re not going to spend much, baking makes a great gift that’s also fun. 

Makeup Appointment

In department stores, many makeup brands offer appointments for free as long as you spend a certain amount on the makeup, so you could book your special someone an appointment and then give them the money to buy the products. They get a stunning makeup look and will feel really treated, as well as choosing products to take home with them as well! This is a win-win and then you could potentially plan something cute for the evening once they’ve got their makeup done. This is such a simple idea but it’s quite different and unique, so if the person you’re buying for loves their makeup and glamour, then this is a great thing! 

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