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Tips For Saving Money On Presents This Christmas

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Tips For Saving Money On Presents This Christmas

Tips For Saving Money On Presents This Christmas

If you’re wanting to cut costs this year when it comes to buying presents, you’re in the right place! We’re here with a few different ways you can save money without compromising on the quality of your presents, so you can still show your loved ones that you care, whether you’re shopping for London souvenirs or want to make your gifts at home. No matter what your budget is, we’ve got you covered with our ideas that will make all the difference money wise this Christmas. 


Home Make Things! 

First up, the best way to save money on presents at christmas whilst still showing you care is to home make things! You will save so much money and can make them so thoughtful by tailoring to your loved one. If they love cooking, you could infuse oils to give them to try in their cooking, or maybe if it’s a family member, write down some old family recipes in a book to give them to keep. You could also bake things that have quite a good shelf life, like gingerbread cookies, then wrap them in cute little packages. If you’re more of a crafty person, why not get a jewellery set where you can make bracelets, necklaces or earrings for them (you can also get affordable jewellery like dainty gold bracelets if you’re not super confident making it). You could try crochet or knitting to make something cute for them too. Not only will this be really fun and relaxing for you to try out something new, but it’s affordable and your loved ones will really appreciate the time and effort that went into their gift.

Create A Hamper 

Another affordable and thoughtful gift we love is creating a hamper. This can suit literally any budget, as you can just get a basket (new or second hand) and fill it with things that they love. This could be cheaper things like their favourite snacks and pamper night essentials, or spend a bit more on things like alcohol and maybe some vegan skin care products. You could have a theme to the hamper, like a movie night hamper if they love films or a travel hamper with helpful travel accessories if that’s what they like to do. Overall, you can spend as much or as little as you want on a hamper, and your loved one gets to enjoy exploring lots of little bits and pieces in the hamper that you’ve hand chosen for them. 


Plan A Day Out

Christmas is all about spending time with the people you love, so something great to do is to plan a day out for your loved one doing things that you both enjoy. Again, you can spend as much or as little as you want on this, as you could pack a picnic and go on a hike to their favourite place, or you could spend more and do a night away somewhere in a cheap AirBnb. Your options are endless with this, but it’s good for showing them you care and you can tailor it to any budget. 

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