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TOP 8 Tricks To Train Your Brain To Remember Almost Everything


TOP 8 Tricks To Train Your Brain To Remember Almost Everything

TOP 8 Tricks To Train Your Brain To Remember Almost Everything

Do you remember a girl that you met yesterday at the university? How old is your brother? Do you remember the most of the historical dates? It often happens we need to keep in our memory a lot of different things. Multitasking is not what you need. It’s like when you learn to play the guitar. Don’t even think about performing all the parts at once. Set the smaller goal of learning first and develop your skill step by step. Want to travel more? Don’t go unprepared! Use International car rental and book a hotel beforehand. Then, investigate a new land step by step.

Memorizing is a skill that you can easily improve and hack. Here are special methods to improve your memorizing step by step.


It often happens that you go to another room to take something important. So, you are already at a place and wasting your time by standing and trying to refresh in your head what you are really looking for. Is this story about you? You have a chance to get what you need by visualizing it before. If you cannot find your glasses, try to focus on where you put them every time you take them off. Look at your desk and stuff on it.

Play Video Games

Are you surprised? Yes, playing video games has many advantages. Also, it helps you to memorize better. It was approved that such games as Super Mario are recommended to play about 40 minutes a day. They cause positive influence on your brain. So, have fun, hang out with your friends by playing games, and better your memory.

Use Chunking Technique

Our short-time memory keeps a limited number of things only. It is about 4-7 items. Chunking can be really helpful to step over this limit. Just try to group different items into one big unit. This method is especially good when you need to remember a long progression of facts and pages for a limited time. It works.

Listen to Music

It’s so confusing to forget people names, phone numbers, but we still remember the most of the songs we have learnt at school. Why? Music can be very helpful to remember things through the alliteration and rhythm. Thus, if you have to learn a new language, you may practice it by watching videos, subtitles, and karaoke. There are special channels that offer you different videos to practice. Of course, you may use YouTube resources.

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Use Mnemonic Lettering

If you don’t like music, still, you can use rhythm and rhyme to memorize such things as a shopping list or a long list of books or world capitals. Try to chain the words from your list to the rhyming words. For example, the word #1 from your list is GUN. Pretend that your SON is shooting from the gun and remember this look.

Practice in Memory Palace

This technique is also popular to memorize a long list of words. Just build up a big palace in your memory where you can visualize different words you want to remember. So, let’s pretend you want to memorize a shopping list. So, pretend you come to the palace and see a big package of milk at the door. You come in and see buns and croissants in the corridor. You can continue.

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Remember Names and People

Do you remember what the name of your boss is? It’s so confusing when you forget your partner’s name. There is a way out. Every time when we try to connect a name with a person, you can try to memorize it faster. Of course, it takes some memory work from you. Just ask a person you’ve just met to talk to you for a while or meet him/her with your friends, make eye contact. You should repeat the name several times during the conversation. It often helps to keep it in your memory for long.

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Better Your Health

This is a fact, our memorizing ability is getting worse with the years. Nevertheless, it is important to work on it. Better your health and you can better your memory. What does it mean? Just try to avoid stress situations, eat healthy food, take vitamins, and don’t forget to train your memory. This can help to keep your brain productive.

Do you know how to make your brain more productive? There are three main points to follow: motivation, inspection, and memorizing. The most of us used to forget the names and other things just because we don’t pay enough attention to that person or thing. For memorizing you have to find a good technique to use that really works for you. Look through them in the list above! What about practice? It’s not difficult to practice in memorizing: you may spend no more than 5 minutes to review all facts and faces that you want to keep in your memory, make notes if it is necessary.



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