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3 Top Tips To Start Learning How To Drive


3 Top Tips To Start Learning How To Drive

3 Top Tips To Start Learning How To Drive

Learning how to drive is one of the biggest milestones for many people, no matter what age they achieve it. Learning how to drive is an amazing skill to have and a great investment into your future convenience, even if you can’t purchase a car straight away. The rush to pass the driving test is often what people find as their downfall. If you have to take the test many times before you pass you will find yourself at a huge loss of money, with the actual cost to take the driving test creeping up every few years. It is best to get it right the first time, and getting everything done in the right order can be the difference between a pass and a fail. These following steps are the top 3 basic to know from seeing multiple people pass and also fail:

Get Your Theory Out Of The Way

If you weren’t already aware, it is not possible to book and complete your actual driving test until your theory test is passed. The theory test essentially is a test on your road safety knowledge, road sign knowledge, and hazard perception skills. You do not already have to be doing your driving lessons to complete your theory test, but you do need to have your provisional license to do so. There are many mobile apps and literature on theory test knowledge, but something to keep in mind is to make sure you have the most up-to-date versions of books or applications. The test often gets updated, so make sure you are learning the correct content that is likely to be shown on your theory test. We would recommend always getting your theory done as soon as possible, as it can be time-consuming if you keep failing whilst being eager to complete your driving test.

Find A Trusted Instructor 

Finding an instructor that you can trust, if not already have a relationship with is always an added benefit when learning to drive. Not only will it be easier to be calm and collected with someone you know and trust, but perhaps they will give you the benefit of discounted lessons due to your established relationship through being family or friends. Regardless of whether you know them or not, find an instructor that has a high success rate for their clients passing driving tests.

Learn To Drive Somewhere Familiar 

Learning to drive in your local area is extremely important for avoiding any unnecessary anxiety and also preventing any dangerous accidents. It is very common for learners and new drivers to have the occasional bump, but if you manage to find an instructor to teach you in areas that you are already familiar with you can reduce his risk significantly. If you do live in a high-traffic area, you might consider practicing your parking manoeuvres in London Victoria station parking lot, and then doing your general driving on the outskirts of your city or town. Overall, learning to drive somewhere that you already know well can especially help when you complete your actual test, as the route the invigilator will take you on is unknown and can only be roughly predicted by your instructor. 


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