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How Men Can Achieve Confidence Through Fashion


How Men Can Achieve Confidence Through Fashion

How Men Can Achieve Confidence Through Fashion

There is a fine line between actually being something and faking it till you make it. Seeming confident is one of the main topics that is introduced when discussing faking it till you make it. Of course, confidence is a hard attribute to obtain and people are not just born with it, but mastering the art of looking confident can reflect on how you behave and are perceived by others. How you dress, especially as a male can create the impression that you are someone to admire. 

Dressing like you know your stuff can create what’s known as the ‘halo effect’ which essentially makes people think you are a hot topic. The psychology behind dressing confidently is deeper than just surface level, but overall if you can dress to look confident you will be putting yourself ahead of the game. There are a few physical and mental techniques to dressing confidently, and here are some of the main points to consider:


Find The Right Combination 

Finding the right balance between your style and the environment in which you wear it will determine how an outfit is perceived. For example, if you decide to wear some cheap quality jeans that should have been thrown a while ago with a printed t-shirt into a luxury shopping facility, you will not be recognisable or perceived as being fashionable or confident. The store assistants might not deem you a prospective customer as you won’t look like you have a taste for their items. If you dress in smart outerwear attire with some admirable statement pieces, you will be more likely to be seen as attractive with your style.

How you wear your clothes is important too, for example again if you wear a suit that has not been tailored can have more of a negative effect than a positive one. You might look like a cheap salesman if you wear an oversized suit that uses bold colours. It is not a great look wearing clothes that are not the right size, especially if you wish to be perceived as confident and presentable. 


Avoid Blatant Designer 

Very bold and graphic designs on clothes that include the printed names of designers are big no-gos when trying to seem confident. Many men make the mistake of trying to come across as confident by flaunting the prices of their clothing items and accessories. In reality, styles of clothing that use the designer brand name printed can make them look more try-hard and it is better to go for a sublet approach. If you wear mens designer t-shirts that don’t advertise the brand you will feel more confident knowing that only a select few elite people will appreciate the value of your clothing. It can give you a superiority complex, which in minimal doses is a great way to project your confidence.


Quality Over Quantity

On the topic of designer clothing, if you are looking to dress more confidently it would be a more valuable investment to spend more money on quality pieces rather than have a multitude of cheap clothing items. It is visible to most people when clothing has been purchased for a lesser price. This can knock your confidence when this is pointed out by others, especially those closest to you. Investing in a few statement pieces that can be mixed and matched with different styles will make you appear to have better taste and therefore create a better-presented image.

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