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How To Decorate Your Staircase For Christmas


How To Decorate Your Staircase For Christmas

How To Decorate Your Staircase For Christmas

No matter your age, Christmas morning always makes you want to wake up early, run down the stairs and head straight to the dressed tree. The Christmas period is upon us and it’s time to start getting the home ready for Christmas. The tree is of course the main centrepiece and the reef adds some personality to the door, but many forget to decorate their staircase! Never forget to decorate the stairs as this can help to transform your room and create the perfect festive spirit. 

There are many ways to decorate your staircase such as wrapping garlands around the handrail or wrapping spindles in ribbons for a seasonal aesthetic. Whether you make these yourself or buy from the store, decorations for the staircase are a must. In this article, we will go through how to decorate your staircase for Christmas. 

Dress the bannister with colourful blooms  

One great way of having a beautifully decorated staircase is to ensure that you have the mentality of more is always better. This is definitely the case for Christmas decorations. One of the biggest Christmas trends in 2022 is to decorate your staircase like there’s no tomorrow. Bright colours, warm colours and obviously some greenery are all fantastic options that will be very popular this year. 

Match your decoration to your decor 

Everything looks better when it’s coordinated well together. This is no different when it comes to Christmas decorations so it is essential to start looking for the right shade of colours for your room. Getting shades of colours that accompany the rest of your decor will ensure that your decorations look even better than ever before. Matching your gift wrap, ribbons and tealight holders make for a beautiful aesthetic. 

Hang Ribbon Strings To Display Cards

If you are lucky enough to have lots of Christmas cards at Christmas, it can be difficult to find a space for them, especially when you get them daily through the post. There are many things you can do with Christmas cards to display them nicely. One of the more controversial options is to cut them up into snowflakes and hang them from the ceiling. Another way could be to take them to an interior door. One of the nicest and most classic options for displaying your cards is to pin lengths of ribbon down your staircase and tread the cards onto the ribbon. These will then hang beautifully down the staircase for a beautiful aesthetic. 

Make Your Own Baubles

Whether you love to do DIY at home or have children who enjoy arts and crafts, this option can have the whole family getting involved. There are many options when it comes to making your own Christmas decorations. It was once paper chains, but now it makes your own baubles! There are many places to purchase these foam baubles from most craft stores. Once you have a range of sizes, you can go ahead and decorate them in any way you see fit. Whether you have them painted in different colours, add shiny objects or just colour them in, the choice is yours. Once you are done, have these hung on your bannister and stairs for beautiful Christmas decorations. 

Add Curtains and Sparkle

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without some sparkle and lights. If you have a tall staircase, you could opt for hanging dark blackout curtains down the bannisters and rails which will act as a night sky. Once the curtains are up, you can do a lot with them. The first thing you could do is hang LED lights down them to look like the night sky and stars. You could also sew felt figurines or other decorations to resemble a nativity. This can be a lot of work, but if you do it correctly, this decoration will last you years to come.  

Decorate From Top to Toe

Garlands are a great option for decorating your staircase for a number of reasons. They are easy to use and they look fantastically festive. You can even have them decorated to your preference by adding pieces to them yourself. To make garlands and your stairs stand out, weave one garland through the bottom of the spindles, and then wrap another one through the handrail for a double garland staircase display. To make it even more beautiful, you could add pine cones, artificial berries, flowers and much more. 

Create A Scent To Walk Up

No matter if you have carpet running up your stairs or have treads and risers for a more aesthetic approach, there is no reason why you can’t decorate your staircase steps. You could do this by adding some small potted plants onto each step. Or maybe candles, small LED lights or baubles. Either way, adding some decoration to your steps will make for a beautiful statement when you walk into the home. 

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