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3 of The Most Cost Effective Marketing Channels

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3 of The Most Cost Effective Marketing Channels

3 of The Most Cost Effective Marketing Channels

Marketing your business is always essential, even when things are going well, as it helps you to future proof your business and experience growth. However, not every business has thousands and thousands to be spending on marketing, so we are here to introduce a few cost effective marketing channels that help you to maximise your budget and get tangible results.  


First up we have SEO (search engine optimisation), which is one of the most cost effective marketing channels out there. Rather than paying an advertising cost to appear somewhere online, like you do with PPC or paid social, you simply pay an agency a fee for their expertise and then you will naturally start to rank well organically when it’s done well. That’s the key here, taking the time to choose an agency that is well recommended. Say you’re looking for SEO Manchester based, make sure you read reviews, as the industry is very saturated with agencies who have sales backgrounds that are good at onboarding clients, but don’t have the knowledge and experience to get results. Even better, go with someone who has been directly recommended. 

SEO is a long term project, and over time you don’t need to invest more and more to gain more visibility. When you have an SEO agency who are good at what they do, you will gradually build visibility over time without having to spend loads more. 

Organic Social

Another fantastic channel for your business that is extremely cost effective is organic social. Running simple social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can be great for your business, as it gives you the opportunity to communicate with your audience directly, engage with them and carefully tailor content that they will enjoy. The important thing here is to do something different, as modern consumers who have been using social media properly for over a decade, if not more, won’t enjoy the same content. Having a brand identity is a great way to do this, showing a true sense of personality and offering something different that other people aren’t so you’re worth following. When you do this, people will want to be loyal to you as a brand. This can be completely free if you do it for your own business, or work with an agency if you have the budget to get expertise! 

Email Marketing

Lastly, email marketing is a really cost effective marketing channel. You will already have a list of the email addresses of your customers, so you can send out emails with useful information, new collections and discount codes to encourage people to purchase again. You could also offer an incentive for people to join your mailing list, like 10% off their next order or services. This way, you can grow your email list and send out targeted emails for completely free to encourage them to purchase. Some people think that email marketing is outdated, but when it’s done right, it can be extremely effective. 

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