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The Best Way to Hide or Position Trashcans in the Bathroom

The Best Way to Hide or Position Trashcans in the Bathroom

Finding the best way to incorporate the less appealing elements into the design of your bathroom and ensure that your bathroom stays both functional and pleasing to the eye. The right place or the best hiding spot for the trashcan depends on the size of the room, its overall design and your waste disposal habits.

Four places to hide the trashcan

1 – Behind a cabinet door

Hiding your trashcan in a cabinet will ensure that your bathroom looks more unified. Many cabinet sets come with a drawer designed especially for hiding trashcans. You can come across two varieties, one with a draw-out style opening, which is simpler and easier to maintain, and another with a tilt-out door opening style, which takes up less space. If you do not already have a setup like that, it is another thing to consider during a future purchase, or in case you want to redesign one part of your current cabinet set.

Another way to do this is to hide the trashcan a corner cabinet, as it is one of the best ways to use this space. Apart from being the perfect hiding spot, it will also make your trashcan easy to reach.

Both of these options leave enough room for large trashcans with separate compartments for different types of waste, making your waste separating process more time-efficient.

2 – In a repurposed dresser

Refurbishing an old dresser for this purpose, as long as it fits in with the rest of the look, can give your bathroom a fresh dose of charm. If you don’t have much space, you can install a tilt-out door that is simple to use, or for an even easier solution, you can just hang a curtain on it. The best thing about the curtain is that you can change it according to your design needs and refresh the look of your bathroom every so often.

3 – In a basket

If you think you might change your mind about the trashcan or you don’t feel like spending too much money on keeping it hidden, a laundry basket might do the trick. It is easy to clean, easy to move around and easy to replace for when you get a new design idea.

4 – Right in the open

If your design can take it, consider not just leaving the trashcan in plain sight, but also attracting attention to it. If you separate waste in the bathroom, add labels onto different compartments of the trashcan for different types of waste. You can also get creative with the labels, just make sure that they are clear as well as noticeable.

Find the right position for the trashcan

The most important factor here is the size of your bathroom. It is crucial to measure it before you add introduce new elements into it. For the trashcan, this also means including the space above the lid into the measurements, so that it can open. Another thing to have in mind is convenience. For example, if you produce most waste while putting on make-up, place the trashcan somewhere close to the mirror.

In a smaller bathroom

In a smaller bathroom, you need to use all available floor and storage space wisely. You can achieve this with a mount-on-the-wall trashcan, which will leave you with some extra floor space. You can position it besides the toilet or in between some of the bulkier elements in your bathroom. If you find that your best option is a regular, small trashcan, there is one small thing you need to take into account and that is its weight. Make sure to get a heavier, more stable trashcan, so that it won’t fall over if you push the pedal too hard.

In a large bathroom

More space means more options, so you can think cabinets or dressers and not worry about it too much. However, choosing not to hide the trashcan can be tricky in this case, as you do not want to leave too much negative space around the trashcan and emphasize it too much. As always, make sure that it fits the other elements in terms of size and style.

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