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Don’t Ruin Your Career! 7 NOT TO DO Things During Business Meeting

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Don’t Ruin Your Career! 7 NOT TO DO Things During Business Meeting

Don’t Ruin Your Career! 7 NOT TO DO Things During Business Meeting

Are there any rules for business lunches this year? People are not sure what they should do and what they shouldn’t. Of course, you want to meet your partners on a good car in the luxury environment. Many people aren’t sure what car is good for a business trip. If you are not sure about that, find the best rental company in the airport and rent a car even under 21. All major companies usually have a wide range of services, including luxury car rental, underage driving, one-way car rental, and others. You will never have problems with the car. But it is not recommended to rent a family van for a business meeting. There can be many more things to avoid during business meeting if you don’t want to look impolite and inhospitable.

Pay attention to arranging a business lunch. This is what we usually undervalue. How much time does it usually take to make an order? Not much! But every business meeting needs good planning and some knowledge. Here are things you’d better to avoid!

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  1. DON’T forget to prepare

It’s so easy to get prepared for the business meeting. First of all, try to look through the restaurant menus beforehand. How? You can find it on the restaurant website. So, try to find something you like to eat or something you will never eat, not at any price. Don’t make order at random. Remember, meeting is not about the food only. Forget about the most expensive and exotic dishes.

  1. Don’t go hungry

It is a wrong position to go to the restaurant when you are hungry. Again, meeting is not about the food. It’s about solving important business tasks. You will look weird having everything on your plate. So, if you are hungry, try to find some time to have a bite before you go. If you are limited in time, try to eat a protein bar or a small meal to feel not that hungry.

  1. Don’t overeat. Do like others

Be careful when making an order. If you have a mixed group of managers and their bosses, try to find a golden mean. As a rule, people prefer light meals for a lunching. So if the boss recommends you to order the Cesar salad, don’t take soup or steak with more side dishes. It looks weird and attracts much attention. You feel like you are not a part of your company. Don’t say NO to boss’ recommendations.

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  1. Don’t drink too much

It can happen that your lunching is the only time you can relax after a long conference, HR negotiations, or something. You want to relax and drink a glass of wine or whisky. Be careful! Don’t take more than one drink. Even if your boss takes several cocktails during the meeting, one drink is enough for you. As a rule, drunken people become aggressive and inadequate. So, your love to drink can come between your job and your career.

  1. Don’t forget about manners

You should never forget about your table manners. Don’t forget to use your napkin, salad fork, and chew with your mouth shut. There are also many more so-called table rules to keep in mind:

  • Don’t place your napkin on the table if you haven’t finished your meal yet. You can put it on your knees, chair during the meal. You put your napkin on the table when you are going to leave the restaurant.
  • Don’t forget about so-called BMW rule. It means that a bread plate goes to the left, water glass is placed on the right, and meat is in the middle.
  • Don’t put your gadgets or handbag on the table.
  • Don’t eat from another person’s plate. It’s a mark of ignorance.

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  1. Don’t put your devices on the table

People may think you are rude. Of course, it is not a good idea to check e-mails, send messages during the lunch. There can’t be anything more important than your boss and partnership, at least, let your partners think like that. Remember about business etiquette and check your phone only if you go out for a short break. What if your phone accidentally rings during the meeting? Turn it off right now! Check the number later.

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  1. Don’t order troublesome foods

What does it mean? It means that hard-to-eat foods are not acceptable for lunching. How do you feel when the food got stuck in teeth? How do you react when you feel like cheese sticks to your face? Avoid food that is sticky, too dry, or juicy. Forget about spaghetti and anything with sauces. You will like some meat without any sauces.

There can be many more DON’TS for a business lunch. And it doesn’t depend on where you go and what tasks you will have. Just be polite, order light, and watch your manners. Focus on your task more than on your foods. And remember, people like smart and active partners, not hungry!

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