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Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Manufacturers


Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Manufacturers

Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Manufacturers

Artificial Intelligence or simply called AI is no longer a fantasy or imagination manifested in sci-fi movies, even though the real development may be different. The real job designed for the real AI today is to enable computers or pieces of machinery to accommodate and carry out the human intelligent tasks. The rapid development of technology, business, and societies the industry should reconsider the relationship between human and machine. AI is potentially replacing many human works in the next decades.

These are the roles of Artificial Intelligence in the new industrial project:


AI and robotic machinery use will certainly appear in the manufacturing industry to support the mass production. Robotic machinery is considered capable of executing various tasks, increasing the production capacity, smoothing production flow, and establishing automated production process which enhances the quality and eliminates human errors.

2.Non-Stop Production

The continuous production will require human labors work in three shifts. Robotic machinery can work non-stop and will support never stopping production line without any shifts. This will increase the productivity and capability in responding growing market demands.

3.Safer Environment

The AI and robotic machinery may replace the human workers any dangerous and hazardous tasks. It will certainly decrease the risks of the incident happen to a human. They create a safer working environment.

4.Human Opportunities

It should be noted that AI and Robotic Machineries may replace human workers in any boring and repetitive task through automation, they don’t take over. It actually provides human opportunities for innovation and business development. The more complex tasks are the responsibility of human labors which can develop and scale up the business, the human takes the driving role. This will be a contribution to human vs robot debates.

5.Cost Effective

AI and Robotic Machinery infrastructure would a huge investment in the first place. However, the contribution of Ai and Robotic machinery in expanding the capability, quality assurance, the speed of production, will certainly generate lower overhead. The higher ROI will compensate with effective production streamline.

In industrial manufacturers, AI plays key role in various tasks including speeding up the data process, quality output product assurance, improving efficiency, lowering the production cost, supporting the scaling up, and contribute to product innovation which is very good. AI support the incredible development of automated industrial robotic machinery. With AI, industrial machinery getting more intelligent, fast-learning, adaptable, and accurately detecting commands. Thus, AI plays the key role in Industrial manufacturers trough automation which supports efficiency.

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