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Remitting Your Fund Through Blockchain Technology


Remitting Your Fund Through Blockchain Technology

Remitting Your Fund Through Blockchain Technology

The blockchain has been widely adopted by the Financial technologies in various platforms. The presence of blockchain in this area has improved the efficiency of the decentralized system. The centralized system, however, makes the financial system isn’t efficient including the flow of remittances across the border. The decentralized system allows the growing remittances developed. It means the flow of remittances can be enhanced by the using blockchain technology in remitting your funds.

 Remitting your money overseas through the centralized financial institution including the general banks possess several disadvantages. The major disadvantage is that the transaction processing can take up to one week to complete where the recipient can take the money from their account. Blockchain provides instant solution on this matter through cryptocurrencies where you can securely transfer your fund just in minutes. The ecosystem provided by the blockchain allow you to move the funds anonymously and avoid any taxes or additional charging free from any centralized financial institution.

The conventional remitting through centralized financial institution usually generate a higher cost when it goes across the border. In other hands, Blockchain offers a way cheaper remitting cost in a more secure environment. The decentralized technology allows the remitting get through the short way to go that cutout time and additional fees. The general centralized bank will charge both senders and receivers remittances for about 4 to 10 percent of total amount of remittances, which can amount up to hundreds of dollars. You can imagine how hard people working in other countries, paying taxes, and have to experience such cutout.

The accessibility to the bank is actually a major issue for many people who want to remit their funds to their families in other countries. Even though there are banks supporting the remittances, many people may not have the access to the system. In other hands, blockchain technology is a more inclusive technology which allows everyone to use it for various purposes including remitting their funds. You can send the cryptocurrency to another wallet with a very minimum cost. In other hands, this allows you to gain the profit for investment as you remitting your funds.

You can gain various benefit form blockchain technology due to efficiency, fast, and reliable of a decentralized system. It actually allows you to do various activities including trading, purchase good or services, remitting funds, investments, and so forth. Now, blockchain technology has been used for various business purposes where they can develop the business using it.

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