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TOP 8 Office Snacks to Boost Productivity!

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TOP 8 Office Snacks to Boost Productivity!

TOP 8 Office Snacks to Boost Productivity!

Have you ever tried to make your office life more interesting and attractive for your staff? Definitely, service means much. Speaking about a business organization, you can easily use special website to rent a car to meet partners and make them feel homy in your office and even in your city. It’s not a problem to use mobile apps to find a restaurant for a business lunch or theater tickets to hang out with your colleagues. What else? Of course, it must be very pleasant to have massage or SPA procedures in the office, but usually it takes much budget and has no sense for companies that have 100-500 employees. Don’t think big! The best way to create a good working environment is take care of your office snacks. Today’s people want to eat healthy food especially in the office when they are busy with their duties.

Office lunch meal prep



Let’s look through the most popular companies in the USA where you can book snacks for your office in one click. Here they are!

  1. UrthBox

Up to 10 employees

This company is the best when you have no more than 10 workers. You can call and order a couple of boxes of high quality office food made of 100% organic products. You will receive those boxes monthly.

  1. SnackNation

Up to 500 employees

It is not an easy task to get enough healthy snacks for such a big number of people. More people means more tastes and food preferences. SnackNation is the best variant for your office. This brand is not only popular but famous of its on-time delivery and high quality food. You will also receive your food boxes monthly.

  1. Aramark

Up to 1000 employees

Meet Armark! They are powerful enough to send you enough healthy snacks for more than 1000 people. They do everything: make snacks, lunches, coffee, healthy cocktails. Just pick what your employees like the most to encourage them.

Eine Frau genießt eine Portion Pommes



Why do you want to get HEALTHY snacks for your office? Healthy food has a direct influence over people’s productivity, health condition, working comfort. If you want to have a strong and friendly company, you should think of it: healthy office snacks.


If your hardworking body needs proteins, take some yogurt. Also, yogurt is rich in calcium, B12, kalium, and magnesium. What is more, yogurt contains probiotics that help you to digest food.



Jerked meat

Jerked meat, or jerky, is not considered to be the healthiest food ever. Many people call it a kind of fast food. Nevertheless, jerky is healthy if it is properly cooked. It contains a lot of fat-free proteins and no food additives, fillers, and other laboratory supplements. Jerked meat causes a positive influence on you insulin level. So, why not?

Fruit-and-Nut Mix

This healthy mix combines all healthy nuts and fruits or dry fruits you can find. It is fibrous, rich in proteins and fats. That means you can feel fullness for long and never touch carbos. Make you’re your mix is made of healthy ingredients! That means no chocolates and candies.


Crackers help to calm down your appetite between meals. If you are hungry, it is better to snack crackers than fatty dishes. If you want to make your snack healthy, try to find crackers that are 100% made of whole grains and NO saturated fats.



Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a good source of antioxidants. It helps your heart to work better. Also, it controls your cholesterol level, prevents cancer and boosts your cognitive ability. Pay attention to buy dark chocolate only. Also, watch your chocolate has more cocoa and no sugar.


Do you think chips is a kind of healthy food? But it can be useful when it cooked right. The most of the brands make chips on vegetable oil, avocado and coco oil. It sounds tasty! Besides, if you love chips, you are able to afford it from time to time during the work.

Protein, Fruit-and-nuts, energetic bars

Bars are very popular in America. You can find many different sorts of them in the shop. The most of the bars are healthy. They are made of fruits, nuts, protein, and different vitamins. You can boost your energy with the help of bar!

A red apple with dried apple slices around on white background



Fruits are the best snacks for the office. They are tasty and full of vitamins. How about oranges, apples, bananas? If you don’t want to eat fruits now, you can take a pack of dried fruits to chew something during the day.

No doubts, you are what you eat. Food causes a strong influence over your creativeness and workability. That’s why your food must be healthy. Office snacks are often limited with a slot-machine. That’s not fair! There are so many interesting and healthy snacks around. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins. What is more, you can order those healthy snacks for your office in one click.

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