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Stop Feeling Hungry! TOP 10 Best Dining Apps!


Stop Feeling Hungry! TOP 10 Best Dining Apps!

Stop Feeling Hungry! TOP 10 Best Dining Apps!

If you are not good at cooking, you don’t want to cook when traveling. You’d better think of nothing, relax, order some food, and go for a picnic. Where do you want to go? Having a smart app, you can go from Canada to the USA for picnic easily. How? You can go for a cross-border picnic with Enterprise car rental from Canada to USA. It doesn’t take much time to book a car. But it usually takes much time to find a good restaurant to eat or buy some food to take-away. Do you want to know how to find a perfect eating place around you? Here are TOP 10 popular apps to help you.

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  1. YELP

for iPhone & Android

Yelp is considered to be the biggest search services. You will read millions of useful feedback there from all over the world. Thus, you can find much information about restaurants you are interested in, see pictures, compare them by rates. Just apply proper filters and enjoy your meal.


for Android & iPhone

Meet one more powerful online resource that can help you to discover a new worthy place for dinner. It’s a unique application! You can inform your app about your favorite dish and the app will find a perfect place for you. Just choose one of many available places.

  1. EAT24

for iPhone & Android

Have you ever felt lazy to visit a restaurant? You have a chance to order some food to your place, hotel or hostel. EAT24 is a kind of app that helps to order some food from more than 20 000 famous eating places of about 1500 world capitals. What is more, you can find a good dining place not only by location, but also by cuisine. Also, you can pay with this app and keep your card payment details in safe. This is a perfect app when you are going to the restaurant right now and have no idea about where to go.

Lamb Restaurant Shenzhen



for iPhone & Android

This app with a funny name allows you to pick a restaurant by rate, cuisine, popularity, and even destination. This can be a timely help, especially when you are in an unknown city. You have an opportunity to learn restaurant’s menu, see pictures, feedbacks. What is more, you can book a table and prepay for your dinner, getting the best prices for it.

  1. ZAGAT

for iPhone & Android

Do you know what kind of app is it? This is an app that doesn’t give you much information about restaurants but it is always to the point. Sometimes, it is really difficult to pick one of many. You don’t have to learn much! Just download filters and sort restaurants by decoration, food, service. You’ll get the list of eateries to pick one.

Seezunge vom Grill



for iPhone & Android

OpenTable helps you to book a table in your favorite cafe or restaurant or find a new worthy place. You can pick the date, time, menu to see the rates and compare them carefully. If there is something you really like, you can book a table. It is not a difficult thing to do and doesn’t take much time. You can read feedbacks and star rating.


for iPhone & Android

LocalEats can offer you the best place to eat for tonight, according to professional rates from the specialized magazines and newspapers. What does it mean? That simply means you will get the best eatery in the shortest time. Of course, the app is good if you closed in the search area.

At the restaurant



for iPhone

Dining is a comfortable app for double checking. Of course, double check is always good. The restaurant rate is based on the most important factor – cleanness. This app helps to read useful feedbacks about the restaurant service and cleanness. This is the most important step to get not only tasty food, but healthy. If you want to feel good after dinner, you should take care of the food quality.


for iPhone

This interesting app covers about 4500 restaurants from more than 150 world cities. It’s amazing but you can find a good restaurant somewhere in Mexico or Caribbean. You can read feedbacks from professional managers, cooks, butchers, food suppliers, and barmen. Also, it is very easy to make a list of available restaurants according to the menu you want to have on your party.




for Android

Restaurant Search or so-called Restaurant Finder can help you to find a good eating place not only in the USA territory and Canada, but all over Europe, Brazil, Australia, and other countries. Just find your location and start a search. If you can’t find a good restaurant near you, you have a chance to display the nearest shop to buy some food.

Of course, the list is not full. There are many useful apps, helping to find out a good eating place for tonight. You don’t need them all. Try to download the app that is able to meet all your requirements to discover more new interesting places to eat. What is your favorite restaurant app you can use from whenever you are.

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