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Sailing Team Building – Create a Winning Team!


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Sailing Team Building – Create a Winning Team!

Sailing Team Building – Create a Winning Team!

Team building will forever remain at the core of every successful business, something that most corporate organizations have come to accept and acknowledge in the present era where success hinges upon the individual parts of the whole working together flawlessly. Sailing presents the perfect team building activity that greatly mimics conditions at the workplace and here are a couple of reasons why it is the key to creating a winning team:


1) A large vessel is excellent for team building

Sailing presents vessels of all types and sizes with large boats especially the way to go for corporate team building as they perfectly depict the structure of an organization where every member along the hierarchal chain has an important role to play in the overall cause. Everyone will feel valued and included which is the first step in building a team that sticks together like glue and is focused on nothing more than winning. This energy is transferred to the workplace thereby improving productivity.

2) Sailing builds mental strength

Sailing can be unpredictable at times with obstacles surfacing at unexpected turns and corners which brings the true colors of crew members to the fore. Participants will be required to rely on their gut and wit (and basic sailing skills gained through training) to navigate tricky challenges as and when they crop up which improves the abilities of the team in terms of managing and effectively dealing with stressful conditions which would otherwise be overwhelming. Employees will learn to expect the unexpected which is an attitude useful for handling unprecedented problems at the office.


3) It encourages positive competition

Teambuilding through sailing is also great at creating healthy competition within crew members as workmates are pitted against each other in sailing races and other events or water sports at sea. By learning how to outwit each other, participants are able to realize their competitive spirit which results in an efficient office where people are striving to better each other’s records in a bid to steer the company forward.


4) Builds relationships

People hardly know each other on a personal level at the workplace as relationships are somewhat superficial but sailing provides an infectious atmosphere where employees can really get to know one another. By doing so, communication and trust between co-workers are improved as team members brainstorm and work toward solutions together.

5) Offshore adventures

From watching fairytale sunsets at sea to basking on relaxing sandy beaches, sailing doubles up as not only an excellent team building sport but also as a nice getaway that allows co-workers to get away from their worries at work or troubles at home and just hit the reset button. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and sailing provides lots of play to ensure Jack is never dull instead always upbeat and eager to report to work in the morning.

And that’s why sailing is the perfect team building activity for creating a well-oiled team that’ll be firing on all cylinders and ready to take on the world. By enhancing different individual traits that better the overall mold of the standard employee, various aspects of an organization are strengthened enabling such a company to make important strides of progress.

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