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Major Marketing Automation Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid


Major Marketing Automation Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

Major Marketing Automation Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

Digital marketing has exploded on the scene like there is no tomorrow. Seeing how much it offers, businesses are investing in different digital marketing platforms, and are doing so for much more than an increase in revenue.

PPC and SEO allow businesses to increase their reach like never before. Keeping this in mind, it is safe to say the possibilities, are frankly, limitless. However, there are a few major marketing automation mistakes that businesses make, which need to be avoided at all costs. To learn more about these mistakes, read on.

Getting Intimidated by Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can be intimidating, but that does not mean you avoid benefitting from it entirely.

Even if you have mustered the courage to implement marketing automation, own up to your decision. Do whatever is needed to mold marketing automation according to your business and its practices. If need be, get the necessary training for yourself and your employees to get the ball rolling.

Come to think of it, adopting marketing automation is no different from how you would feel when you would get a new car. You may be afraid at first, but once you get the hang of it, there will be no stopping you from reaching your goals.

Failure to Deploy a Proper Strategy

Businesses can only thrive and expand if they have an effective strategy to back them up. According to a report by Marketo, 34% of 500 B2B surveyed in 2014 did not have a strategy at all.

As traumatizing as it may seem, coming up with a proper strategy is imperative for the success of a business in the long run.

Lack of Reporting Systems

Business executives and decision-makers may invest in marketing automation for real-time insights, but they are not using the tools available to them to their fullest potential.

It is important to note that 52% of users believe most of the popular features of marketing automation, like data management and lead nurturing, are pointless. This leads them to rely on ineffective reporting systems based on inaccurate information.

Lack of a Long-term Plan

Often businesses will adopt a certain practice because their competitors are doing it too. This is wrong on so many levels, so much so it can cause a business to go bankrupt. Failing to stay ahead of the competition can have disastrous consequences, but not as dire as when there isn’t a long-term plan to make the best use of marketing automation.

What is alarming is that businesses end up relying on traditional means i.e. meetings to get things done, which defeats the purpose of marketing automation. These meetings consist of unproductive teams where the management makes decisions without even considering what statistics have to say in the first place.

Over Thinking

When it comes to exploring new horizons, businesses tend to over think about different things. It may seem rational to go through ideas and plans repeatedly, especially since what you may think is new or innovative, may have already been tried before. Businesses need to spend enough time to do their homework and with the right research in hand, it is unlikely any business will have a problem reaching their goals.

Not Testing their Ideas

Many businesses make the terrible mistake of failing to test different theories and/or their products/services.

A defect in a product, inadequate services rendered and even insufficient research for a plan, are a few of many other examples why testing is essential for a business to beat its competition. Even though there are many tips out there to aid with testing, that will not be enough, considering the fact that each business has to learn and adapt according to their industry.

Seeing how the smallest of marketing mistakes can create a lot of problems, they should be avoided at all costs. Of course, this will require a massive investment in terms of time and money, but if done correctly, businesses will realize how easy it will be for them to reach their true potential. The sky is the limit, and for now, marketing automation is the way of the future.

Businesses must adopt what works for them if not all of the marketing automation to remain relevant. Traditional marketing techniques may work even now, but they fail in comparison to what marketing automation has to offer. Fortunately, start-ups and entrepreneurs now can connect with talented Project Managers, Scrum masters and competent web development from across the globe using a trusted tech platform that best fit their project needs and budget.

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