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7 Apps that are making sure you live a mentally healthy life


7 Apps that are making sure you live a mentally healthy life

7 Apps that are making sure you live a mentally healthy life

The advent of health apps has revolutionized the world of healthcare. Treatment has never been this affordable, accessible or easy. With mental health becoming a rising concern globally, it is not surprising to see more and more mental health apps being released every day; each unique and catering to a particular demand. Be it for tracking your mood, to help you with brain training, to deal with stress, to cope with anxiety, or provide you a silver lining amidst depression; there is a health app for everything.

There are useful tools in the market that are easy to operate and harbor immense potential concerning growth. These aid people in their day-to-day struggles with mental health. Although not a replacement for traditional therapy, mental health apps are quite useful for treating subclinical problems such as work-related stress, social anxiety, low mood, etc. They also help to prevent progression towards clinical conditions by coming to one’s rescue before it is too late. Many times these apps are employed in conjunction with traditional modes of treatment for better results.

Staying mentally fit and healthy is just as important as staying physically fit. Here are 7 apps that can help you live a happier and vigorous life:

  • 7 Cups

If you are feeling alone and isolated, look no further. With 7 Cups, you can instantly connect with over 160,000 trained listeners and licensed therapists to help you fight anxiety and depression. 7 Cups provides its users with online therapy by engaging them in free, anonymous and confidential conversations. A safe space where you can channel your emotions and blow off steam, 7 Cups gives you the satisfaction of talking to another human about what and how you are feeling. In addition to online therapy, it allows its users to connect with other users and take part in an active conversation in the form of discussion groups and chat rooms.

  • SuperBetter

A tool that aims to gets its users to adopt a more positive outlook towards life, SuperBetter is more than just a gaming app. It focusses on managing mental illnesses including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, PTSD and much more. SuperBetter adopts a unique approach towards treatment by setting up games to help their users become better versions of themselves. Building resilience and invoking a sense of optimism is the primary goal behind this app. The game involves a series of tasks and subsequent rewards for completing these, enabling its users to build strong cognitive skills over time.

  • Pacifica

Pacifica is an app that caters to those with stress and anxiety. Featuring a safe space for its users, it is based on health and mood tracking along with meditation and mindfulness. The concept behind the app is to filter out negativity using simple tools and tricks, so its users feel more calm and relaxed. Once you attain control over your negative thoughts, you will find that you are in a much better place mentally as well as physically.

  • Headspace

Headspace is an excellent starter app for those who wish to explore the realms of meditation. It is true that meditation is no joke and it takes time for one to really get the hang of it. Headspace leads you through this new concept and allows you to learn new techniques. To find peace, individuals must learn to control their emotions. Headspace helps you to achieve that control by setting out a variety of scenarios and meditation techniques. Learn the fundamentals and get on the road to meditational bliss.

  • Deep Sleep

Sleep plays a monumental role in setting our mood and has an impact on our overall mental health. Lack of quality sleep can take a massive toll on our health. Dementia is a commonly encountered neurodegenerative disorder that affects majority of the elderly population. Dementia tests online deduce that many cases showing early signs of dementia are those with a disturbed sleeping schedule. Thus, you need to assess how important sleep is for your health. It is prudent to address any sleep-related issues before it starts to harm you. The Deep Sleep app helps its users fight any irregular sleeping habits and cycles using the power of meditation. Featuring a set of settings personalized to your specific needs, Deep Sleep enables you to attain a full night of undisturbed rest. The app also features an environment that allows you to take notes of special mindful moments that you can access for later use.

  • MoodKit

MoodKit is an app that features 4 tools to enable its users to take charge of their moods and eventually develop a healthy mental outlook. A very comprehensive app, MoodKit’s first tool focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. Another tool is a thought checker and is responsible for teaching you tips on how to manage your mood. There is a mood tracker that shows its users their attitude patterns and notes them down. This journal is excellent for keeping track of progress and is the perfect solution for issues about demotivation.

  • Happify

An app that focuses on finding ways to make one happy is bound to help your mental health; Happify is the place for you if you are failing at finding happiness. Drawing up fun activities and games, Happify invokes positive thinking in its users through various activities, games and much more. It helps its users become more mindful and thus more appreciative of their surroundings. The goal is to make the individual feel more content and satisfied in finding random moments of happiness throughout their day.

Mental health is crucial for overall health. It can seriously affect our quality of life. Despite the staggering stats, it is unfortunate that the majority of the population still do not receive proper treatment. If you are unaware about where to start from for seeking help, employ the above-mentioned apps and use them to your advantage. The aim is to lead happier and healthier lives, and there is no better way to get unlimited access to some of the best tips and tricks in the business than with the use of these apps.

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