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The 7 Top Trends Redefining The Future Of Mobile App Development

The 7 Top Trends Redefining The Future Of Mobile App Development


The 7 Top Trends Redefining The Future Of Mobile App Development

The 7 Top Trends Redefining The Future Of Mobile App Development

It seems like a few days back we were discussing the new changes we expect in 2018, new plans we have and so on, and see now, we have reached almost in the mid of the year. While many of things are cleared to us and we are pretty much enjoying this fantabulous year, there’s one thing that is still hitting our mind – What are the trends redefining the future of mobile app development?

The mobile revolution, in the past few years, have been skyrocketed and many new technologies/concepts have entered the market – make the world more exciting and surprising. But, not all of them are trending in the market currently. Some are in their nascent stage, while many are on the verge of extinction. In such a scenario, it is extremely necessary to be familiar with the those who are still prevailing in the market for a better mobile application development strategy.

Here are some of the technology trends that you should pay attention to in this year and build a better brand strategy.

Top Mobile App Trends to Focus Upon in 2018

1- Popularity of Voice-Search

The advent of Google Home, Amazon Echo and Siri has pushed the world from text to voice-search. The end users are now employing this technology in the connected world to simplify their daily life.

According to Google report, nearly 20% of the searches on their app is done via voice, clearly indicating voice is going to be the next popular mobile app trend.

2- Superior UI/UX Design

The UI/UX design has also seen a significant change in 2018. The mobile apps are now designed keeping the user preference and other related details into consideration. From vibrant color to big typography, animation and borderless display, every element that comes under the mobile app design label, is now selected with the approach to trigger emotions in users.

3- Upsurge in APIs

With the increasing demand for cloud back-end mobile app development services, the APIs are gaining a huge momentum in the market. An API (Application Programming Interface), as you might know, is the base of every mobile application and are responsible for the functioning of a mobile application. So, the mobile app developers are turning towards the APIs to easily port their mobile apps from back-end systems to cloud and provide exclusive BYOD services.

4- AR/VR Ruling the Mobile World

Thanks to iOS 11 and the ARKit, the AR/VR technology has gone mainstream in the mobility world. Not just gaming and retail, the technology has also entered the enterprise and other business/service industries – facilitating them with a newer approach to gather customer-oriented data and provide unique value to the end users.

5- Rise in Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are becoming a hot topic these days. These web pages, with the capability to look and respond like native mobile applications and features like instant load times, mobile device storage access and responsiveness, are proving to set the foundation of a new era of the web technology.

Backed by Google’s efforts, PWAs are becoming more common in 2018, helping business leader adopt cross-platform technology without compromising on native-like experience.

6- Artificial Intelligence will make Apps Smart

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology will help the iOS and Android app development companies develop smarter applications. The technology will empower the developers to build apps that could learn from the user behavior and deliver them personalized services. Plus, the AI-powered chatbots will shape the business growth with its 24×7, personalized customer services facility.

7- Blockchain will be Adopted Wisely

Blockchain, the technology that grew popular faster than the forest fire, is going to remain amongst the top mobile app trends that will dominate 2018. The technology, with its impressive and exclusive security features, will redefine all the business verticals and embed trust in the business processes.

If you keep an eye on the daily news, you will find out that 9 out of 10 government firms are looking forward to investing in blockchain app development while the private firms are ahead with various applications already live in the market. Besides, 2018 will push the blockchain technology beyond being a digital payment.

While these are some of the best picks from the top technologies that are revamping our world in 2018 and beyond, it is profitable to consider the market need and customer preference as well before decide which technology to implement into your mobile app development process.

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