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Top Tips To Maximise Your Mobile App Marketing Through Social Channels

Top Tips To Maximise Your Mobile App Marketing Through Social Channels


Top Tips To Maximise Your Mobile App Marketing Through Social Channels

Top Tips To Maximise Your Mobile App Marketing Through Social Channels

It’s taken you months to create this awesome mobile app that’s going to take the market by storm. In a crowded market, this one is likely to make you successful with plenty of profit. But a good app isn’t useful without positioning itself that allows users to find it.

Whilst app store optimisation is a great way to get your app recognised, it isn’t a strategy that you should rely on to help you get the required downloads. This is why it’s important to have an active presence on social media as it’s a cost effective way to promote your app and share the existence of your new creation. Even if the app is still in creation or well on its way onto the market, social media promotion can be a great way to leverage your possible downloads.

Here are some top tips to promote your app through social media and ensure it gets the exposure that it deserves.

Start your Promotion Straight Away

It’s never too early to promote your app even before it’s due to launch. Getting a ‘buzz’ around your app will have users anticipating its release and ready once it eventually gets released. It’ll help your app to gain exposure and get your brand name out there which can be beneficial for your uplift in downloads. 

Begin by creating social media profiles on all platforms, if you haven’t already. Then, create promotion advertisements to cater to each platform and release these on your accounts to however many followers you can gain from your brand.

Be sure to inform your users of what your app does whilst keeping the advertisement engaging. This will be the foundation for creating interest in your app because by the time your app launches, your users should be well aware of what it is and how it can help them. 

Utilise the Tools Available on your Social Media Apps

Be sure to become familiar with the tools that you can take advantage of within your apps. Various social media platforms have useful tools to help you engage with your audiences differently. For example, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram all have live streaming options available.

How is this useful? Because interacting with your audience more authentically can encourage them to download the app if they haven’t done so already. At the same time, it allows your current users to engage with the app more frequently. Live video can be great for increasing the chances of your app gaining more downloads.

Promote in App-sharing 

How you can further expose the brand of your app is making the most of in-app sharing for users. This is a strategy that is available regardless of the app that you’ve created and its purpose, making it a worthwhile strategy to use. 

Simply allow users of the app to share content to their various social media platforms. In particular, to their mobile apps so the transition to share is convenient directly from their phone. Why is this so useful? Your users will be doing your digital marketing for you, which means you can sit back and enjoy more people engaging with your app. 

Utilise Hashtags

Hashtags were introduced to social media platforms to help increase awareness of particular posts and movements. By clicking on the hashtag, users can see others that are sharing the hashtag and be exposed to relatable content about that hashtag. It’s a great way to help increase the visibility of your brand.

They’re specifically used for campaigns that are run by brands and tend to relate to contests, for example. If your hashtag begins to trend, it’s likely more users will engage with the hashtag and become more familiar with your brand. You could connect a hashtag to your app’s release or start a competition where users could win free in-app purchases when downloading your app. 


Creating an app is just part of the process. It won’t get the exposure it needs to be successful unless you take advantage of the tools available to you to increase its invisibility. Social media is one of the best ways you can do this. Be sure to make the most of live stream options and make the most of hashtags and advanced search options.

Amongst all of this, the most important aspect of creating an app is ensuring that your users are safe whilst using it. Ensure you perform technical due diligence so that your app runs smoothly and all privacy and security measures work correctly to protect your users. 

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