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7 Ways To Grow Your Brand In Social Media: LinkedIn And Facebook

7 Ways To Grow Your Brand In Social Media: LinkedIn And Facebook


7 Ways To Grow Your Brand In Social Media: LinkedIn And Facebook

7 Ways To Grow Your Brand In Social Media: LinkedIn And Facebook

The year 2018 has seen a rise in the usage of social media. Pew Research Center conducted a survey early 2018 and found that Facebook still dominates in the number of users, being at 73%. Social media is a powerful tool for the success of your business.

Different social media platforms have a diverse client base. In case you are just starting out, it’s essential to do market research on what social media platforms will be a good fit for your business. Our focus will be on both Facebook and LinkedIn. Branding is among the pillars of making your business flourish. Branding strategies differ with different companies, finding one that suits you helps in leading you to success.

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How do you Grow your Brand on LinkedIn and Facebook?

1. Consistency

People love consistency. Your business should portray the same image on your LinkedIn and Facebook page. What you portray on Facebook should be similar to LinkedIn. This way, people familiarize with your brand and your language. What do you want to represent to your target clients? People are intrigued by consistent language. Identifying with your audience is one success factor towards maximum returns.

2. Joining Appropriate Groups

As a business, by now you have established a page that communicates to the audience. How do you make more potential buyers interested in what you have to offer? Both platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn) have options of joining different groups. Find groups that are in line with what you offer. Growing authority starts with making your brand known. Put your business out there; introduce yourself and your services. There are groups that are strictly for promotional opportunities; join and win some clients over.

3. Should you Diversify or Stick to Specific Content?

When you give people one thing over and over again, they get bored. For social media, you have to come up with new compelling content that will keep your potential clients interested. You don’t have to keep using images to portray your message. Come up with funny videos or articles that will make them see your creativity. People want a brand they have faith in, to bring them something new every time. By now, you should have already come up with a ‘hook’ that is common to all your posts: that’s your brand.

4. Posting Regularly

How often do you engage your followers? Do you post once a week, month or quarterly? Growing your brand is a task and it does not happen overnight. Regular posting helps your audience increase as well as your brand. Nobody wants a business that only publishes monthly and does not communicate with its followers. Keep engaging your audience as well as replying to their queries as quickly as possible. Within no time, you will find that your brand has grown such that you have authority in social media.

5. Consider Social Media Influencers

As a growing business, you need to establish how many clients you have had so far in line with your projected target. With the growth of social media, companies are coming up with more creative ways to lure their clients. Social media influencers are one idea. Look for social media influencers who are closely related to the services you offer. For example, if you are in the beauty industry, find influencers who are in the same line as you are. This way, you are most likely to grow your brand and reach out to many people.

6. Research on Possible Competitors

We all know that competition is always there in every industry. Starting out a business requires you to research on possible competitors locally and internationally. Same case applies to online social media presence.  List a number of your top competitors and find out more information on them. How many followers do they have? How often do they post? What are some of their strategies? Finding conclusive answers to all these queries will help you learn a few things that you could incorporate into your system that will help grow your brand.

7. Have a Catchy Profile

Given a chance to explain what your business does in 2 min what would you say? Some brands do not take the profile section on social media seriously.  Avoid motivational quotes in this section but instead, get an engaging introduction such that when people read it, they have a glimpse of what you do. At this point, you can get a social media expert who is well-versed in creating unique content that has proven ability to attract people. In case you don’t have adequate funds to do so, make the internet your friend, you could learn a thing or two.

Branding is a driving force towards introducing people to your business. Work towards growing your brand in such a way that people can identify with it. Have a workable strategy, and you will be surprised at how much your brand boosts sales significantly.

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