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TOP MUST-HAVE Apps For Luxury Travelers

TOP MUST-HAVE Apps For Luxury Travelers


TOP MUST-HAVE Apps For Luxury Travelers

TOP MUST-HAVE Apps For Luxury Travelers

Do you remember the last time you were traveling? Was it a usual road trip or student traveling? Whenever you go, car traveling is the most interesting. Don’t afraid that you are a student, Rental24h travel app will help to find a car according to your age. If you prefer luxury traveling, you are ready use every helpful tool. You’ll be surprised! You don’t need special tools, but your smartphone. There are many interesting apps to help you to find the best conditions whenever you go. Find the better ones by checking some app reviews at They assist you in your trip.

  • flying First Class
  • living in 5-star hotel
  • renting luxury new-brand car
  • having dinned in the best restaurants


Helpful Apps

Stylish Flight with JetSmarter

Of course, everyone likes comfortable traveling. You trip usually starts with booking tickets. Lux travelers prefer booking Business Class and First Class tickets. Nevertheless, it must be wasting time for standing lines and boarding crowded and uncomfortable planes. JetSmarter is a useful app to help you to book the best tickets online to avoid commercial flights. Yes, private flight is what you need. This is your chance to fly in comfort and style. You are able to contact to private traveling companies all over the world. Of course, you have to pay for joining the app, but this is the only one way to save money on booking tickets for a lux flight.

If you used Uber to get taxi, JetSmarter is sometimes like that. You can book a flight simply by pressing a key on your smartphone. It is not a problem to book tickets at the last minute! You may pick any of more than 50-60 popular routes around the world. This is the smartest choice of yours!

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster

Luxury Driving with Rental24h

The way you get around the world is also important. If you are ready to rent the first car you are offered, you shouldn’t expect for a big comfort. Using taxi and public transport may be uncomfortable. Of course, only a good car will help you to upgrade a trip. The Rental24h app assists you to rent unique luxury cars for different destinations. The app is easy to use. Just make a search of your date, destination, car brand and price policy and you’ll know exactly what kind of car is available to pick.

This is a good chance to choose the car brand, such important additions as GPS and others. It would be great to pick Bentley, Ferrari, McLaren, and Lamborghini rental by Rental24h. When you use Rental24h, you are able to get the best prices. The cars are waiting for you at the airport or in the company offices all over the city.

Sugar Hotel - Room #1

Boutique Hotels from OneFineStay

Planning your vacation or business trip, never forget to consider such an important trip point as hotel. If you are internet user, you are offered a lot of choices to pick. Looking for the privacy and luxury conditions, you need to use special app. Why? The most of B & B services don’t have a big choice of luxury hotel conditions. People are often disappointed with the real conditions they usually get on arrival. You need something reliable, like OneFineStay.

This is one and only service that is specialized in searching beautiful luxury homes. The company really expects every home and hotel before listing them on their page. Thus, you are out of the risk to pick a good picture instead of a comfortable hotel. How it works? Just choose the type of home that perfectly matches your preferences. You may also appoint your special requests and conditions if you have them. Want more? There is a special lux collection for rich clients. This app is your right hand every time you are going to a new country. Travel with OneFineStay and live in comfort, no matter where.

Paladar Los Mercaderes in Havana Cuba

Best Restaurants with Resy

Do you like tasty food? So, how about making a reservation at a popular restaurant? Obviously, it is rather a good idea to walk down the street, looking for a good restaurant. But you will never find a free table here. As a rule, the places in lux restaurants are reserved beforehand. Where to get a reservation? You may use Resy to solve this problem immediately. This is a popular mobile app that helps to make a reservation for top city restaurants in different countries. For example, the app is available in 50 cities of US and it is expanding.

There are many advantaged by using mobile apps from your smartphone. First of all, online reservation is the easiest and the most comfortable activity you have ever tried. You can do a reservation for a hotel, car or restaurant from your home, picking the dates and prices you need. Your smartphone makes it simple! It’s also a good opportunity to learn about one or another place you are going to visit by people’s feedbacks.

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