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Essential Holiday Gadgets


Essential Holiday Gadgets

Essential Holiday Gadgets

  • Light suitcase 

Taking a light suitcase on holiday is so much more convenient as they make it so much easier to take around and transport as well as this you can pack more and wont go over your limit at the airport. You can pick up a lightweight suitcase from almost anywhere including Asda, Ikea or John Lewis.


  • Go pro 


Go pros are one of the best gadgets ever made, you can wear them around the city, underwater, cliff jumping, cycling, to take videos, pictures or selfies, you can usually pick one of these up for around £50.


  • Headphones 

These are such a necessity, they can make travelling on public transport or through the city so much better. Grab yourself a good pair of earphones or headphones and create a good playlist whilst your traveling, it can make it so much less stressful. You can also find audios online about the area your visiting. 

  • Pillow


You can often find yourself a good travel pillow or neck pillow online which can help you sleep easier whilst traveling or spending long periods of time on public transport. They can usually fit in your bag and can be worn everywhere. 


  • Camera

Having a good quality camera to take pictures, selfies, videos or vlogs is so important, you go on holiday to experience new things and make memories, why not capture these memories in a photo? So whether its a professional camera, smartphone or go pro, make sure you have enough storage and battery to capture all of these memories and views. 


  • Portable charger

This is an essential! Especially if you’re obsessed with your smartphone. Nothing is worse when your abroad if your without your phone, nowadays it contains booking references, maps, google translate and public transport timetables, so the last thing you would want to happen is for it to die. 


  • Waterproof speaker

Whether you are on your own, with family, partner or friends, a speaker is a great thing to take away, you can use it in your hotel, whilst on the beach or by the pool, it’s good to keep your family or yourself occupied and masks the sound of babies crying around the pool. 


  • Mosquito plug

This is great, especially with children who won’t put any repellent on, it can protect your family from being bitten by mosquitoes at night and can prevent a potential trip to the hospital. Its super practical and there usually inexpensive. 

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