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7 Examples Of Home Security Systems You Can Use Right Now

7 Examples Of Home Security Systems You Can Use Right Now


7 Examples Of Home Security Systems You Can Use Right Now

7 Examples Of Home Security Systems You Can Use Right Now

There are so many more home security systems you can use in your home than what you imagine right now. The home security system is basically defined as being equipment that will sound alarms if entry-points are breached. However, the term expanded to mean so much more than that. Nowadays you can even find a plumber in Melbourne that recommends some sort of security system installation. Examples are presented below.

Entryway Sensors

These are usually added to windows and doors and are a fundamental part of any home security system. In the event that a window or door is opened, an alarm starts. Criminals are deterred and homeowners instantly learn that some sort of security breach happened.

Most of the modern systems can easily be installed by the homeowner. Then, there are extra integrations and add-ons that can be utilized.

Motion Sensors

The main function of the motion sensor is to sound an alarm or trigger some sort of mobile alert in the event that motion is detected in an area. They are an extra protection layer. The very best detectors can actually distinguish between animals and humans so false alarms are limited. Also, many of the modern motion sensors can easily be integrated into your smart home system with extra configurations allowing for different commands to be possible.

Security Cameras

You are surely aware of the existence of security cameras. Their goal is to record anything bad that happens. Modern cameras offer motion-activated and continuous recording. Video is simply recorded and then stored.

Security video footage is very important when the police needs to investigate some sort of property invasion. These cameras can be integrated into home security systems and include countless modern features like programmable presets and recording everything on the cloud.

Video Doorbells

In the past, we only saw these in movies but nowadays they are much more affordable. They act as a very first line of defense against burglars and thieves. Just as with the home security cameras, there are doorbell cameras that can be added to modern home automation ecosystems. This allows for smart and convenient controls.


The main functionality of the floodlight is to shine some light on activity that is suspicious. This can easily ward off intruders. Motion-activated devices will practically “flood” driveways or yards with some really bright light. Since criminals love darkness, floodlights deter them.

Panic Buttons

The panic button is meant to signal that there is an invasion or medical emergency happening. Help is immediately summoned and the people that are specialized in intervention come to the area where the panic button was pressed. Most of the control panels these days have some sort of panic button built-in. It works through WiFi, cellular signal or a landline.

Smart Smoke Detectors

Last but not least, we should mention the smart smoke detectors. Just as the name implies, they detect the presence of smoke in a home. Then, a real-time alert is sent to your phone and to authorities. Seamless integration is possible with countless home security platforms. Also, many of these detectors can also detect CO and a water leak.

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