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Best Gaming POP! Vinyl dolls of 2019


Best Gaming POP! Vinyl dolls of 2019

Best Gaming POP! Vinyl dolls of 2019

Pop! Vinyl--Overwatch - Reaper Wraith Pop! Vinyl

Reaper POP!

The most popular shooter from Overwatch, is one of the cake-themed collections of vinyl dolls. This doll looks exactly like the shooter that it has been modelled upon; dressed in a black body armour with a hood and the shotguns in his hands, conforming to his signature style. Reaper is the closest imitation amongst all the Overwatch representations and is the best prototype of the frustrated icon that he is.

Pop! Vinyl--Kingdom Hearts - Goofy Halloween NYCC 2017 US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl

Kingdom Hearts- goofy Halloween POP:

The goofy details of the POP are to due for! It is taller when compared to the POP form of Donald, just like the original characteristics. POP Moody’s attire has been worked upon with the utmost neatness and every little attribute that separates him from his other contemporary characters have pondered upon attentively that is bound to impress the customers way beyond their expectations.

Pop! Vinyl--Crash Bandicoot - Aku Aku Pop! Vinyl

Aku Aku POP:

Designed with inspiration from a model of Crash Bandicoot remaster and his obvious catchphrase that says “ooga booga”. For those of you are not familiar with this famous character, Aku Aku is the spirit of a doctor that is originally a witch who eventually is the mentor to Crash and his friends in their journey to emerge victorious over the forces of evil.

Kratos POP:

The deadliest gangster from God of War that is available on PS4, and is dreaded by most of the characters, is now available in its POP version that is clad with an ensemble that of a hunter with an axe in his hand; the representation is somewhat different from its earlier version as the backdrop of the game is upgraded to 21st century.

Pop! Vinyl--WWE - Becky Lynch (The Man) US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl [RS]

Becky Lynch POP:

Yes, the big name of Becky Lynch now finally has a POP! The Irish professional wrestler who has signed the wresting contracts of WWE under the name of Becky Lynch performs in the Smackdown show. Apart from being widely famous in the professional field that she has chosen for herself, her POP version has added another feather to her cap only adding to her list of achievements.

Pop! Vinyl--Batman - Harley Quinn with Boombox Rebirth US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl

Batman-Harley Quinn POP:

The character of Harley Quinn first appeared in the DC comics and later appeared in Batman’s comic books. Other than this, the fictional character has also made her appearance in films like ‘The Suicide Squad’, ‘Secret Six’, ‘Justice League’ and others and is often known for her partnership with Joker. The POP version of this character is a perfect resemblance of the original and comes with a boombox in her classic red and blue eyes hair!

Pop! Vinyl--Thunderbirds - Parker Pop! Vinyl

Parker- Thunderbirds:

The fictional character of Aloysius Parker was first introduced in the mid-1960s Supermarionation television series known as Thunderbirds. The character later appeared in the further creations of Thunderbirds like Thunderbirds Are Go, Thunderbirds 6. Through the POP version of this persona, we allowed reliving the nostalgia of our childhood days.

Pops Vinyl Figures are all worth different amounts due to their exclusivity. Some are produced by the thousands, while others are produced in very limited numbers.


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