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The Takeover Of Tech In The Beauty Business


The Takeover Of Tech In The Beauty Business

The Takeover Of Tech In The Beauty Business

Remember the days when a full skincare routine consisted of a simply cleanse, tone and moisturize, and perhaps the odd trip to the salon. Nowadays, more and more people are becoming obsessed with beauty, and many of these procedures are fuelled by technology! It’s only natural that tech is breaking into the world of beauty as it has impacted every other area of our lives, so have a look at some of the most advanced ways that are changing the beauty industry.


Apps For Beauty Lovers

We use apps to make our everyday lives easier, and the beauty industry has jumped on the bandwagon, providing us with so many ways to make our beauty routines so much easier, from diagnosing our skin problems to trying new makeup products virtually. Treatwell enables you to book appointments and leave reviews for spas all over the country, Beautiful Me helps to find the right shade of foundation for you, and Pinterest gives millions of images of beauty inspiration. Having all of these features in one place is changing our everyday realities of beauty!


Cool Sculpting

This treatment which is available at KLNIK in Cheshire uses new technology to freeze fat, as it precisely targets fat cells underneath the skin without damaging the outer surface. It can target key areas and reduce fat by up to 25%. You no longer have to spend hours and hours in the gym working for the body you’ve dreamed of, as this treatment can give you a great head start and it gives you back the time you would have spent in the gym. This is used by many celebrities who have busy schedules, and at a reasonable price compared to going under the knife, you have the opportunity to live like a Kardashian for the day!


Social Media

As social media was first developing, businesses hadn’t quite realised the marketing potential of the platforms. Yet, for many companies now, it is their primary platform for marketing. Beauty brands target their audiences directly through social media, particularly through the use of influencers, as people are wanting to imitate the looks of their favourite celebs online. Whether this is getting a vampire facial or something more simple like investing in a face wash, social media has hugely boosted dialogue and exchange online, and the benefits for business have been vast.


LED Facial

Once again, this treatment is much loved by many celebrities and fans alike, as it bridges a gap between regular facials and the high end facials that will set you back thousands of pounds. This LED facial uses wavelengths of colour which penetrate and heal the skin, which kills bacteria in the skin, improves pigmentation and encourages collagen production. You may experience a mild stinging, but with beauty comes pain I suppose! As I said, compared to other treatments, LED facials are far more affordable, giving you a celebrity glow without the celebrity pricetag.


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