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4 Savvy Tips for a New Fashion Website to Try

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4 Savvy Tips for a New Fashion Website to Try

4 Savvy Tips for a New Fashion Website to Try

Google has made it harder than ever to optimise websites correctly and to been seen by traffic wanting to find what you offer. The fundamentals include content, speed, mobile optimisation and your keywords, but if you’re more of the creative type, this might not be very familiar to you yet. Here’s a look at 4 savvy tips to help with your online presence.



Offering the most stylish, most relevant or cheapest product doesn’t mean much in the eyes of Google. Each page of your website has metadata, and you need to add the keywords you want to rank for in this space, this is something Google can see, and they can begin to categorise your website once this has been done. Using a keyword like womens sleepwear can help filter out different peoples searches, and the traffic that does land on your website will be fully expecting to see what you offer. You can try and rank for any keyword but it’s best to know your products and the people wanting to see them. Having a keyword like affordable lingerie won’t work well if you charge higher prices for your underwear. Look at what other website are doing and take some notes.



Ever wondered why your favourite website offers a blog section? Well, it’s because google reward website that is consistently updating their content and adding more information for better user experience. Adding weekly blogs helps to even out your website code with content, and it especially works well for an e-commerce website that don’t tend to offer much in regards to content where fashion blogs are constantly updating their content anyway.



This has become new criteria for website optimisation in recent years. Google reward fast running websites as it helps with the user’s experience and if you find that you fashion website has too many videos on it that haven’t be edited correctly if can make a big impact on how fast it runs. It might get to a point where you need to look online at how to track your website speed and maybe even speak to professional if you have any budget to help the site out more, as traffic can be really put off by slow loading sites.


Paid Social Ads

Paid social ads are a great way to help with your websites exposure if you are struggling to rank on the first page on Google this could be some great exposure. If worth looking into further as there’s a lot to consider, but essentially, paid social can be executed of as small or big of a budget as you want. It’s important to know you’re market, as you will be given options on who you want to target, sex, age, hobbies, interests. This will help filter out your advert being seen by people who would click through to the website.

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