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Top Vegan Skin Care Products 2018

Top Vegan Skin Care Products 2018

Living a cruelty-free lifestyle isn’t just about the food we consume, this lifestyle touches every aspect of our lives, including what we use to wash our hair, brush our teeth, and what we use on our skin. Finding the right vegan skincare products is undoubtedly part and parcel of our lifestyle, as with non-vegan lifestyle choices.

The trend toward ingredient-conscious skincare and organic living is undeniable. If it weren’t for one small piece of the ingredient puzzle (e.g. honey, lanolin and carmine), many amazing brands could be vegan. Those of us who want high-performance plant-based beauty would love more options.

Thankfully, there is an impressive range of options already out there, if you know where to look and what to look for. To save you time so you can get down to implementing a cruelty-free beauty regime, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the very best vegan skincare products.  Read up!

  • The Body Shop

In 1989 The Body Shop became the first global cosmetics company to publicly campaign to end cosmetic product  testing on animals, and in April of 2018 The Body Shop won the prestigious Responsible Retailer Initiative of the Year award for their Enrich Not ExploitTM Commitment at the World Retail Awards in Madrid, Spain. This category recognizes the values that form the cornerstone of a good business from its approach to its people, its customers, suppliers, the environment and a sustainable future.  Their skincare line caters to all walks of life and all budgets as The Body Shop can be found in major malls globally, as well as online with free shipping of orders over $75.

  • Drunk Elephant

While the brand name may be deceiving, Drunk Elephants’ philosophy and openness about their formulas is something that sets them above others in the vegan skincare industry. The founder of Drunk Elephant has set a goal to deliver top of the line and affordable products that are formulated with only biocompatible ingredients that can be recognized and products that can live up to their claims. With no shortcuts or compromises with their ingredients, Drunk Elephant currently has a product line with 21 items, with a long list currently being developed. Sold both online through both their website and on Amazon,  and in Sephora, Drunk Elephant is a line that is as safe and effective as any clinical or natural brand, while meeting and exceeding the definition of vegan skincare.

  • Weleda

Weleda originated in 1921 as a pharmaceutical laboratory with its own plant garden creating the first synergistic products. It has since grown into a vegan cosmetics line with a mission to create natural products with high standards of quality. Beginning with Switzerland and Germany, then into North America, Weleda now has partnerships and offices across the world, providing its customer base with people-and-plants over profits brand together with fair trade agreements to source the best materials.

Weleda is wholly certified by the European organization NATRUE, whose mission is to promote and protect organic and natural cosmetics worldwide to the benefits of their consumers. Every line Waleda carries and develops is given this binding certification, as it aligns with the high ethical standards of NATRUE.

Weleda allows you to breathe deep, and awaken your connection with nature with plant-rich products and almost 100 years of research, development, and dedication to vegan products.

All three of these brands are widely accessible, incredible for your skin, and allow for guilt-free skincare. Try them out and see for yourself!


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