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Why Use Address Validation Services?

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Why Use Address Validation Services?

Why Use Address Validation Services?

To many businesses and organizations, the most concrete benefit of using address validation services is its economical aspect.

Although validating postal addresses of recipients means savings, experts at Byteplant point out that address validation is more than just cost reduction. Its benefits go over and beyond cost control.

This crucial business service can prove advantageous not just for your marketing efforts but also for proper archiving of supplier addresses. As a result of better customer relations and improved supplier communication database, you can expect many positive benefits – and this is crucial for numerous businesses regardless of the industry and sector.

Here let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using postal address validation services.

1. Updating the database

An error-free database is a dream of all businesses. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to maintain an up-to-date and accurate database of customer and supplier postal addresses.  Address validation services exist for this purpose. It lets you filter out erroneous, incomplete or inactive addresses.

2. Fraud prevention

Identity theft remains a perennial problem of businesses. Through address validation, you can validate addresses prior to approving transactions, especially those done online. Real-time validation helps you filter out the bogus clients without slowing down the speed and efficiency of order acceptance.

3. Real-time validation

Verifying an address as soon as it is entered into the database can have hosts of benefits. It minimizes the need to regularly check, update, and clean the address list. A reliable address database significantly increases the chances of better conversion. Take note that correcting data means wastage in resources and time, something that businesses want to avoid.

4. Reduced returned mail

A lot of businesses fail to realize how much they lose on undeliverable as addressed (UAA) mail. According to the USPS Office of the Inspector General, UAA costs around $1.5 billion annually and the majority of this mail comes from business senders. Address validation services can greatly reduce returned mail by ensuring correct, complete and accurate addresses of the recipients.

5. Save on shipping costs

Accurate recipient address means significant savings on your shipping costs due to the elimination of undeliverable mail. This is especially true if you are sending bulky parcels or frequently send mail. Furthermore, a complete postal address enables you to qualify for certain discounts offered by postal services. The same discounts also apply in international postal services.

6. Improved communication with customers

Businesses that invest in address validation services are able to communicate with clients better than those that do not use validation services. According to the post office, addresses that are complete and use standardized format increase the delivery of the mail by up to 2 days. It also reduces the chances of the mail getting lost. Customers surely value good communication and this has a profound impact on a brand.

7. Better data analysis and management

Decision-makers in a company can be guided by an updated, verified and organized database. Real-time address validation facilitates the formulation of strategic plans as well as rapid decisions. In addition, complete and accurate databases can help in management choices, with better results if compared with decisions that are not backed by verified information.

8. Better ROI

Good customer relations ultimately translate to client satisfaction and better brand reputation. Reaching out to your customers and responding to them punctually can lead to better customer satisfaction and improved brand reputation. As a result of good customer relations, you can expect returns on your marketing campaigns and better revenues ultimately.

Make your business stand out in the competition by maintaining an open communication with your target audience. Investing in address validation services is a great way to achieve that. If you haven’t started using these services, you are missing out on their many great benefits.

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