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Do’s and Don’ts Of Giving Holiday Presents To Your Clients

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Do’s and Don’ts Of Giving Holiday Presents To Your Clients

Do’s and Don’ts Of Giving Holiday Presents To Your Clients

Giving holiday gifts to your clients is a great way to show them you care about them. You can go with a general version which can be sent out for everyone, or you can tailor the gift to the client. The problem is setting the right boundary between professional and personal. You want to keep your professionalism but still show the warmth you feel for your loyal customers. To help you show just enough affection to retain your professional exterior, here are some do’s and don’ts of giving your clients holiday presents.

1. Do employ e-cards

Sometimes it’s just a little too much to send out actual and personalized gifts to your customers. It can be that you just started your business, so it’s still a little awkward to cross the line to material gifts. That’s why e-cards are perfect.

They’re a nice touch for your company while not being too overbearing and obnoxious. They send a clear message that you care about your customers but that you don’t want to bother them for the holidays. Additionally, you can tailor each card to a customer. Whatever you decide, it’s still a great first step to building long-term relationships with your customers.

2. Don’t forget about food

If there’s one thing people love, it’s free food. This is especially true around the holidays. You can easily use this to your advantage and come up with numerous little treats for your customers. Hire a baker and talk to them about your ideas, and see if they think it’s manageable.

Some of those ideas may include branded cupcakes or fortune cookies. This way you’ll be advertising your company while simultaneously doing something really nice for your clients. Make the flavour of the food generic and you can serve it to all your customers. Try to remember if anyone has food allergies, though.

3. Do gift tickets to events

As a well-established company, you are probably able to acquire a lot of tickets for some fun events. This can be the ideal gift for your clients. Sports games, the cinema, the theatre, or even the opera all come into consideration. Gifting tickets to something fun and cultural means you’re giving your clients new memories instead of just material things.

People are bound to appreciate those gifts more, especially since they probably have a rare chance to go out due to the busy lifestyle we all share.

4. Do consider gift hampers

Gift hampers or baskets are always a good choice for professional gifts. They show just enough affection while allowing you to still seem like a true professional. What’s more, they’re inexpensive and can be sent out to every client you have. In fact, due to their practicality, gift hampers have become increasingly popular gifts for clients all over Australia.

Everyone knows that the cute gift hampers from Melbourne are the ones you want for your clients. They’re innovative, eye-catching, and you can even choose from more than one option. Your clients are bound to be impressed. There’s no better way of showing you care and earning their loyalty than showering them with gift hampers for the holidays.

5. Don’t shy away from subscription gifts

Even though subscription gifts may seem démodé, they’re still a very popular choice for clients. This is the gift that just keeps on giving. You can strike up a deal with a company that does subscriptions and both of you will benefit from gifting your clients. This way, you’ll be making an ally for the long run while keeping all your customers loyal to your firm.

On top of that, more often than not, you can choose the kind of subscription you want. That means that you can get creative and tailor the subscriptions for your clients. Give them something personalized, and they’re bound to cherish it forever.


As you can see, it doesn’t have to be that hard to find the perfect gift for your clients. You can easily show them how much you appreciate their loyalty while still being professional with these helpful tips. Every company should show how much their customers mean to them because the customers are the number one reason for success. We’re confident that you’ll gain their eternal loyalty with these tips, and that you’ll manage to send the right message to each and every client.

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