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What Is The Role Of A Remote DBA Expert in Maintaining the Cloud Database?

What Is The Role Of A Remote DBA Expert in Maintaining the Cloud Database?


What Is The Role Of A Remote DBA Expert in Maintaining the Cloud Database?

What Is The Role Of A Remote DBA Expert in Maintaining the Cloud Database?

When a database is maintained in company premises, it is accessible for the employees.  But when it is stored in a cloud-based system, then maintaining it is a little bit tricky. If Database is stored using cloud computing service model it is called as Database as a service (DBaaS in short).  Such a database provides users to access the database without setting up any physical hardware.  You need not have software or configure your system for this purpose.

There are many databases created as creativity has no bounds.  Every now and then innovators come out with new software or application with a new concept or additional features to the old concept.  The main objective of innovating new database types is to provide maximum facilities to the end-user and make his/her interaction easy and simpler. Mongo DB is one such type of database which is considered to be the fastest today among all other databases.  It facilitates you to store data without any condition.  In short, you can store any type of data without any problem with the software.  Being similar to Mongo DB to even it works the same way.  The users have confirmed that the response you get using Mongo DB is very good and impressive and is considered the best cloud computing service model.

Auto-scaling and Mongo DB

When a database is efficient and facilitates auto-scaling, then one need not worry about their database. Auto-scaling can be described as a computing feature which is applied in a cloud database.  Auto-scaling is nothing but measuring how many servers are active, their capacities in various given situations. Mongo DB has this function of auto-scaling and can be used without any special configuration to avail this facility. Since it can be used without any configuration, you need not wait for the balancing of the cluster.  By just starting the Database node you can connect to infinite people.  The database is created and designed in such a way that even though there are problems in your infrastructure, it won’t you in working on the database.  So, the speed of interacting is not affected.

Traditional cloud-based database and Database as a service

Cloud database – the name sounds very peculiar.  But when the function is understood the name justifies the function very much.  A cloud database is one in which data is stored (either in the structured or unstructured way) on cloud computing infrastructure platform.  The platform may be private, public or hybrid.  Well, right now there are two types of cloud-based database models- Traditional and Database as a service.  The traditional cloud-based database is that database which is maintained by a company’s personal IT department through a virtual machine.  The whole responsibility for the management of this database will be on the IT Staff of the company. In the case of Database as a service, the service provided is charged. There are experts in the maintenance of such cloud databases that there won’t be any problem in accessing the desired database. The person who tackles all problems related to cloud-based database model is called a remote DBA expert. is one such name who works hard and ensures that all database software’s or applications, operating systems relating to the server are kept up to date.  In other words, they are well prepared for any or all possible situations and try to tackle their problems very diplomatically.

Let us now enlist the duties of a professional DBA expert:

  • Designing: The duties of a database expert starts from the designing level of the database. The expert has to analyze what is the type of data that has to be stored in the database and accordingly design the database.  Designing of the database does not mean including some artistic pictures or images into the database.  Designing means defining the field which stores the required data.  The database expert needs to define that fields in such a way that it accepts only that data for which the field has been having validated for.  For instance, if you have validated a column to accept the only date, the database will accept the only date and that too in the format you have designed and programmed.  So, when validating the fields, the designer has to keep in mind all possibilities used by the end user in entering the data into the database.
  • Linking of databases: Normally a company requires various databases –such as database based on inventory, employees, and daily transactions.  Normally there are two types of databases – the Master database and transaction database.  Master file or database consists of all major details and normally is not updated frequently.  Only when something new has to be added or deleted, the master database is used. Only the transaction file is frequently updated because it consists of day to day transactions.  So it is the prime duty of database expert to link the database that is master and transaction file properly only then the one can get the reports accurately.  Linking of databases is a part of designing the database.
  • Maintenance: Since it is a competitive world, many small people in business have started to store their data in the cloud-based database model. So, providing service to them is also a great duty of the DBA expert.  Since the small businessman does not have their own IT expertise, they are totally dependent on the DBA expert on the maintenance of their database.
  • Availability: TheDBA expert should be available all the time whenever the user wants his support.
  • Support: He has to provide support in case the access to the database has failed. He has to check all possible ways to rectify the problem.
  • Pricing: Today the common practice of storing in the database is a cloud database. Just because there is a huge demand for the maintenance of the cloud-based database, the professional should not charge for the service unnecessarily. He/she should charge whatever is required for that service.  Just as anything else, there is cut-throat competition between the database experts also.  So, if one database expert is expensive, then automatically, the person quoting less will be beneficial.

Hopefully, the information I have provided above will help you in understanding the services you can expect from a professional and experienced DBA expert.

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