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How To Modernise Your Office After Lockdown

How To Modernise Your Office After Lockdown

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How To Modernise Your Office After Lockdown

How To Modernise Your Office After Lockdown

The majority of office workers are now stuck at trying to maintain their regular workday, which makes this the perfect time to re-evaluate your office and add some new touches to the space.

After the pandemic is over and people start returning to work you’ll need to consider safety measures in order to keep everyone fit and healthy as social distancing will likely be advised for the remainder of 2020. Here’s a look at 4 ways to modernise your office after the lockdown is lifted.


The most essential changes you need to make to the office is to ensure there’s a little more space between staff desks. If you’ve haven’t got the space to pull them apart there are a few ways to can add distance between staff:

  • Purchase smaller desks
  • Remove some unessential furniture from the space
  • Move some desks into the break area
  • Add a rotational system to the office, where some staff continue to work from home on certain days. This is a great way to keep the office as spacious as possible.


Keeping your employees comfortable throughout an 8-hour working day is another essential to their happiness. Most complains come from the available seating in the office so it might be time to update those old office chairs with something modern and designed to encourage good posture.

There are other smaller changes to consider too, if you’re office has an ample amount of windows, while natural light is another positive factor for the office if it’s a sunny day and staff have the sun hitting them directly in the eyes, it’s also a good idea to update the windows or blinds. Bespoke blinds can be designed to filter out the sun while keeping the room light.


It’s safe to say that once the lockdown is lifted employee will want to be more sociable so adding some activities to the break area is also a great idea for better morale. Sofas, foosball and pool tables are good for team building but even a TV and games console can do the trick.


It can be as simple or elaborate as you want but a good starting point is plants. Proven to reduce sickness, stress and improve energy, having an array of plants in the office is a must. You could also find some framed art to add to those empty walls to even the grey office new life.

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