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Boston Budiness Trip: TOP 7 MUST HAVEs For Business Hotels

Boston Budiness Trip: TOP 7 MUST HAVEs For Business Hotels

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Boston Budiness Trip: TOP 7 MUST HAVEs For Business Hotels

Boston Budiness Trip: TOP 7 MUST HAVEs For Business Hotels

No doubts, Boston is one of the most exciting cities you want to visit. The city always welcomes single travelers, family tourists, business travelers. Of course, this is a home for many huge corporations, concentrated mostly in the city center. Actually, traveling in business doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole day busy with your meetings and tasks only. Sure enough, you can find some time to spend for different city attractions. But first, of course, you have to find a good hotel to stay that helps to make your trip comfortable and productive. By the way, to get to your hotel, you probably need to rent a car in Boston airport. Which one? Oh, it must be a good business car that corresponds to your status.

So, where are you going to stay in Boston?

Ritz Carlton Berlin_Bedroom


Stay at Ritz-Carlton

If you want to live in luxury and you can afford it, you should stay at this hotel. This legendary place is conveniently located not far from the Boston financial district. The hotel can boast their skyline rooms and incredible city views. What is more, you can arrange a meeting in the private meeting room and relax in the hotel sport club or cocktail bar.

Stay at Westin Copley Place

Exotic car rental in Boston, MA can give you the most impressive car to get to the Black bay neighborhood. This is a unique district where you can walk, admire the historic sights, famous buildings, dine in the local restaurants. At the same time, you live in a hustle-and-bustle place, the noisiest in Boston. But you will always be at the heart of it all.

Stay at Nine Zero

What kind of a hotel is it? You should stay here if you want to live in peace and quiet. The service is warm. You can practice yoga, visit SPA, and work in the hotel business center.

L’Ermitage - Bathroom


What do you think of a business hotel design? What do you really need in your hotel to feel comfortable? Of course, there are many factors that give you a sense of comfort and wellbeing. What are they?

  1. Guest Rooms

Guest rooms are important in every business hotel. This is a special place where you can forget about all your business problems and relax. What is the most important? This must be a quiet and maximum comfortable area with pleasant colors, cozy furniture, and welcoming layout. You feel homy here.

  1. Luxury Suites

That’s so great if the hotel offers special luxury suits for business guests, family travelers, and honeymooners. Of course, each of these guest categories has special needs but all of them want a big bathtub, large and soft bed, big living area, and fast room service. Whether you need romantic or working atmosphere in your room, the hotel service is always at your disposal.

Rex Hotel - Guest Room Lounge

  1. Public Areas

Do they mean much? Of course! Obviously, there must be a special quiet place in each and every hotel where guests can relax and refresh their head. Therefore, you may need a quite opposite room where you can socialize and interact or just spend time with your colleagues, friends, and other hotel guests. What about the design of these public areas? They always make you feel welcomed and comfortable. Of course, much depends on the hotel general style and design. But, anyway, white or light colors are preferred. It is said, they inspire conversation. Also, the furniture must be maximum cozy and modern. It may be darker colors, but large and commodious. That would be great to have some snacks and drinks near at hand.

  1. Entertainment Areas

Entertainment areas are in every hotel. They are needed for weddings, parties, business meeting, presentations, and other events. As a rule, this is a large are or areas, decorated in luxury but decent style. Different clients may need different things to add to the room decoration. Feel free to ask!

Winchester Mansions - Bar

  1. Colors and Textures

What about colors? Are there any special colors that suit business hotels the most? It would be great if hotel lobby, suits, public areas use different colors but the same style. Each hotel area may use one or another color to make it even more beautiful and lovely. Thus, green tones are good for relaxation areas as they are really helpful to change the mood, relax, refresh your mind. There must be zones of neutral colors with bright décor elements to add some of positivity, happiness and enthusiasm.

Business travelers usually pick hotels of the highest categories. Try to read as much as you can about the hotel you are going to stay in. It is important to have all modern conveniences in your hotel, a good restaurant, SPA and sport areas, business centers. Pick the hotel style that suits you the most!

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