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Did you Lose Data from Your Laptop? Do not Waste Your Head!


Did you Lose Data from Your Laptop? Do not Waste Your Head!

Did you Lose Data from Your Laptop? Do not Waste Your Head!

When the laptop counted another day after the warranty expired. After turning on, it could not find the hard drive and load the operating system. Everything seemed to be lost! It is no wonder that there are errors in it and the computer then does not work as it should, because it “fades” with itself, the system fails and the data is lost. However, some of the hard disk drives are still writable and can often be restored.

But it ended well. Salvage data has managed to save important data from a crashed laptop hard drive. The company saves data not only from hard disk drives but also from digital camera memory cards.

To avoid missing important data in the event of a laptop failure, recommends following rules in the case of a memory media accident:

  1. Turn off the laptop! Do not turn on the laptop several times in a row. The problem may be of a physical nature and can be very quickly aggravated. You can completely lose the data in seconds.
  1. Do not panic around yourself! Sit down and think. How long did you make a backup copy?
  1. How valuable are your data? Can files be created again and with what costs?
  1. Do not open the disc! Do not plug the disc into another computer, etc.! Never open the disc unnecessarily. Do not remove warranty seals and screws!
  1. Do not install the operating system! Do not copy any data to disk! You can overwrite the original data each time you write to a disc.
  1. Do not use automatic data recovery programs! Since these programs do not know the nature of the problem, consider using them. Never install these programs on a damaged drive!
  1. Do not use antivirus programs!
  1. Carefully select the drive from your laptop, or revoke this work of a computer service company.
  1. Write down the following disc data: Manufacturer, model, date of manufacture, country of origin, serial number, supplier (from the vendor invoice) – you will need this information when completing the service form. Incorrect filling causes complications in restoration and causes unnecessary time losses.

10. Put the disc in the antistatic package and place it in the cardboard box, cover the disc on each side with at least 5 cm of the molten layer and the like. Then you can bring the drive to a business and entrust the rescue to the laptop data recovery experts.

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