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5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting out as a Gambling Affiliate


5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting out as a Gambling Affiliate

5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting out as a Gambling Affiliate

All right there eager beavers!  Of course you have my utmost support to become gambling affiliates but first, let’s make sure you have familiarized yourself with a few important points. No great success comes easily so with a little proper know-how and patience your goal to achieve good visibility if you’re a gambling affiliate will come true.

Exclusive deals with operators

Apart from selecting a reliable iGaming software provider of course you want to run a legit and  trustworthy  affiliate website for your users so I advise you to sign exclusive deals with casino operators. It works both ways.  Since affiliates get paid based on performance- sharing links to casinos’ websites, posting banners, publishing casino reviews and blogs- and thereby the traffic they bring to iGaming operators websites who are thereby sure to get a return on their investment exclusive deals mean higher commissions per action for the affiliates.

Good content

No reader’s attention remains intact to anything that’s not well-written, interesting, or informative. Same goes for iGaming lovers out there who are always interested in finding out about new on-line casinos and online betting places out there, casino reviews, new games and skills and tricks from the gambling world.  So, of course you are to always provide genuine and truthful content but put yourself in the player’s shoes and give it a long thought as to what kind of content and services they would like to see on there.  In other words, the content on your website has to have meaning to casino players.

Don’t sell a brand, i.e. the casino you have just blogged about, just boost its credibility with the information you provide and do it in such a way that you encourage your readers to further explore the website. Decide if you’ll just cover online casinos or sportsbooking websites as well. Decide if your gambling affiliate website will only cover online casinos or blog about land-based casinos for comparison as well. Decide which of these you’ll be providing reviews for. Encourage feedback from your users. Encourage complaints about the online casinos’ services whenever the players are in need to do so. Post news and updates in online gaming technology and other goings-on in the world of iGaming. Promote gambling related events and tournaments. Make your gambling affiliate website a safe place gambling aficionados will keep coming back to.

Good SEO strategy

Good content for the website also implies implementing an effective SEO strategy so it would generate ongoing heavy traffic for both your affiliate website and the online gambling portals you are promoting. Thus, the better your SEO marketing strategy is, the more conversions you’ll generate and your commissions will get higher. For instance, use multiple calls to action to drive your users to the landing pages and make sure to perform the squint test to ensure that the call to action is easy to select in all circumstances. Also, when promoting gambling sites, most affiliates will think of creating promotional material but it is not going to help you generate the desired response. The key is in creating educational content about different topics pertaining to gambling. Rules of different casino games such Blackjack, Roulette or Poker is a good enough additional content when promoting an online casino.

Online Casino Reviews

Good content and SEO strategy means including something that gamblers crave. Online casino reviews.  They generate more traffic to online casinos and their affiliate websites and bring in more revenue on both sides as users become playe.  As for readers they serve as an important guide where to invest their time and money online while doing something they love – gambling. The reviews need to be trustworthy and informative covering all aspects of online casinos that are important to their users: their reliability, their software platforms, bonus offers, customer service, payment methods.  AskGamblers online casino reviews are decided by users and are completely non biased. Their ranking algorithm is mostly based on user satisfaction and are continually updated both by their experts and players.

So now you know. By providing genuine information on many different online casinos on the market and sharing news in the iGaming world and gambling tips and tricks you as an affiliate will gain trust among players and manage to attract significant traffic and users to the websites of online casinos. Sign exclusive deals with casino operators, provide good content making sure you include unbiased online casino reviews and employ a skillful SEO strategy and you will achieve high rankings in search engines and most importantly you will have built a name for yourself as a trusted and well-known gambling affiliate in no time.

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