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What’s The Future Development Plan For The Automotive Industry?

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What’s The Future Development Plan For The Automotive Industry?

What’s The Future Development Plan For The Automotive Industry?

Let’s state something which is extremely important: the automotive industry has drastically changed in the past couple of years. With literally dozens of examples of groundbreaking pieces of technology being used (for the first time) in the automotive sector, properly tracing what’s going to be the future of this sector is mandatory if you’re a business analyst. Let’s analyse what’s going to happen to the automotive industry in the nearest future. 


The Driverless Phenomenon 

Chances that you’ve encountered this term in the recent past are pretty high, given the tangible investments done by companies like TESLA and Audi on the matter. The so-called “driverless experience” is related to the creation of vehicles which are (you don’t say) driving themselves. Although TESLA is kind-of already doing this with their newest version of Autopilot, Audi’s vision is literally removing the driving seat to create a vehicle which is just a “vessel” for pure transportation. 

Of course, given the power of this technology, we can safely expect sectors like business van leasing to change once these technologies will be properly set into place. 



In 2017 and 2018, the usage of hybrid cars and vehicles, in general, grew by a net 35%, confirming the willingness of big manufacturers to push environmentally conscious pieces of technology. In a recent report made by Inc, it has been stated how hybrid and electric cars will be very likely to overtake petrol vehicles before 2025. This is very positive and a true blessing for the environment! 


Important Changes To Prices 

In 2019, owning a car is still a luxury not many can afford to have. With this being said, companies like TESLA (once again), Audi and Volvo have all released “entry-level” vehicles in order to expand their client base, which is very positive to see, given the financially unstable times we’re living in today. 


To Conclude 

Although relatively simple, these are the general, tangible changes which are set into place for the automotive industry. Will technology overtake the “man behind the wheel”? Time will tell.

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