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What Traffic Ticket Will Affect Your Insurance?

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What Traffic Ticket Will Affect Your Insurance?

What Traffic Ticket Will Affect Your Insurance?

When it comes to traffic tickets, most people focus on the fine and points on their records. However, even a single infraction can greatly impact your insurance rates. Even if the fine is not much, it may still be worth it to have a ticket lawyer defend your case, so you can avoid paying more in auto insurance.


Speeding can increase your rates, particularly if you were vastly over the speed limit. Driving 15 miles faster than the posted limit will result in higher rates than going five miles over the speed limit. Excessive speeding makes you more of a liability in the insurance agency’s eyes.


There are many consequences to DUI. You will need the best traffic ticket lawyer to try to avoid high fines and jail time. However, you may not be able to avoid insurance penalties. Some insurance companies will drop you as a client, and starting a new policy could result in substantially higher rates.

Running a Red Light

Going past a red light is a severe safety hazard. Additionally, many intersections have cameras, which make it much more difficult to fight a case. The amount by which your insurance will increase comes down to the specific area you live in.

Failure To Stop or Yield

You do not want to get caught doing a “California stop.” Even if there is no traffic ahead of you, it is wise to always come to a complete stop at a stop sign or to properly yield. Failure to abide by these signs could lead to your insurance premiums increasing by up to 15 percent.

Many people believe hiring an attorney to fight a ticket will cost more than the initial fine. However, hiring a lawyer will certainly be more affordable in the long run if your insurance will increase. Fight your ticket and consider taking safe driving courses to keep your auto insurance rates where they currently are.

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