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Tops Foods To Eat That Can Aid Your Surgical Recovery

Tops Foods To Eat That Can Aid Your Surgical Recovery


Tops Foods To Eat That Can Aid Your Surgical Recovery

Tops Foods To Eat That Can Aid Your Surgical Recovery

Regardless of your lifestyle, eating healthily should be important. Your wellbeing and appearance can vastly improve when you eat foods that are good for your health. It provides your body with all the right vitamins and nutrients that your body needs for its processes, particularly for surgical recovery.

Whether it’s going through a breast implant replacement or a metatarsal surgery, although different they can have the same impacts. A surgical procedure can be extremely draining and tiring. By consuming the correct foods you the process can become a little less strenuous for you. 

Here are some foods you should consider eating before and after your surgery to help aid your recovery.

Slow Carbohydrates

Pasta and rice are examples of slow carbohydrates that help to promote digestion in your body. As your body will be numb during the surgery, this state can easily encourage constipation, making it harder for your body to digest the food, especially as you’ll be rather inactive shortly after the surgery. 

Although fast carbs can be processed relatively easily, the process slows due to the lack of exercise. Eating slow cars can do the opposite to this.

Fruit and Veg

Obtaining vitamins and minerals in our body is fundamental for bodily function. A prime source for these nutrients is eating fruit and vegetables. You may find it pretty difficult to consume large amounts of food. Fruits and vegetables can be consumed easily and are pretty positive for the digestive system.

Notably, fruits and vegetables also contain high levels of vitamin C which is ideal for promoting health and producing collagen in the body. This will be essential for your recovery after your surgery and increasing your energy levels.


The hydration qualities in water will be key to your recovery. Water makes up 60% of your body so you wouldn’t want it to escape whilst you’re going through surgery as this will seriously impact your recovery. Drinking plenty of water after your recovery can help to flush out your system of any toxins that it contains and ease any pain gradually that you may be feeling. 


Protein is commonly known for its muscle repair qualities making it a perfect nutrient to help with your recovery. There are plenty of foods available containing high levels of protein. These include, chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, beef, lentils and more. 

Eating these foods in your diet can help to repair the muscles that would have been torn due to surgery. It’s likely that you had incisions placed in your skin which will take time to recover. Rather than using exercise, which you’ll find difficult to perform after surgery, use your diet to aid your recovery.

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