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The Best Affordable Cashmere to Buy This Winter

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The Best Affordable Cashmere to Buy This Winter

The Best Affordable Cashmere to Buy This Winter


The Best Affordable Cashmere to Buy This Winter


Sourced from the fine, soft undercoat of cashmere goats, cashmere is undeniably a fibre that brings to mind visions of luxury. In addition to feeling amazing against your skin, it’s also warm and breathable, making it perfect for winter wear.


Because of the exacting process that goes into producing cashmere, it’s also pricier than your average wool. This is why you want to ensure that when you buy, you’re getting your money’s worth. You also want to ensure you are getting the most affordable of the best cashmere like the ones from IN BED.


Here’s how you’re going to do just that.


  1. Do the Stretch Test


No one is suggesting you put a cashmere sweater on ye old torture rack, but there is no harm giving that sweater a little stretch. If it bounces back quickly, it’s likely good quality.



  1. Look at Knit


Tightly woven cashmere is usually the best quality. If the weave is too loose, move on. Sure, it may be less expensive, but there’s affordable good and then there’s affordable cheap. If you want to revel in the chic couture that is cashmere, you should want to own something you can feel good about.


  1. Ply Perfect


A solid quality cashmere item should be two-ply, minimum. Just check the tag and it should tell you what you’re dealing with.


  1. Read the Label


You want affordable cashmere, but if you’re reading this, you also want real cashmere. Read the label to make sure you know what you are getting. 100% cashmere is the only thing you can truly claim is authentically and wholly cashmere, but a sweater or throw with 80% can also look stunning. And yes, you’ll pay less for it.



The Price Tag: How Much is Too Much? How Little is Too Little?


If you’re looking at a cashmere sweater for under $100, you’re likely not looking at a real cashmere sweater. Any cashmere piece under $200 should raise red flags. A cashmere throw, however, that’s between $300 and $400 is solid quality and affordable, as far as cashmere goes.


Remember: you’re looking for cashmere because you are looking for a luxury experience that will keep you equally cosy and stylish during the cooler months. You can’t expect to find these for an insanely low price. A good price, sure, but if you’re so-called-cashmere sweater is the same price as your cotton-wool blend, then you’re missing the point of owning this beautiful fibre.


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