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Snapchat vs Instagram, which one is a better advert?

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Snapchat vs Instagram, which one is a better advert?

Snapchat vs Instagram, which one is a better advert?

There has been a debate about which one is better advert tools between Instagram and snap chat, but which one is really better? We know both of them as the platform to share photos and short videos. People could add whatever they want into the video. Some companies even use both platforms as the media to do their promotional sale. Regarding the publicity, Instagram is more open to the public (depends on user’s privacy setting) and with feature explore users could access all public posts from all around the world that might be in their interest. However, the real question starts: between Snapchat vs Instagram, which one is a better advert?

Measuring the possibilities needs real data to compare. From the user statistics, Snapchat has about 100 million active daily users. The number is amazing if you see the other fact that it is only 10% of advertisers use Snapchat as their platform. This means there will be less competition on this platform. The data also shows that the more than 60% users who use Snapchat are females mostly at 15 – 27 years old. This is good for someone who does business in fashion and beauty. However, its limited audience could be a problem. You can’t see snaps of those who aren’t in your following list. You need to first add their user ID or scan the barcode before you can see their snaps. Regardless, this platform is excellent to light the sense of urgency with its 10 seconds posts.

On the other hand, Instagram has significantly more active users. In 2016, they have more than 300 million active users per day. You could expect their number will be plenty by now. The posts in Instagram could be featured with hashtags and mentions. These two features make the posts could be targeted for certain people with the interest. The privacy control is also flexible which posts could be seen by anyone until you decide to lock your account. With the new feature that is an Instagram story, Instagram now has all the benefits of Snapchat.

Judging from the utility as the social media, Instagram clearly has the upper hand. As the two social media clashes, then Instagram who has more benefits should be the winner. However, as Instagram has the explosive popularity, doing business may not as easy as it seems. You have to be ready to meet potential competitors. Snapchat has a more focused audience which makes it better if you have decent followers.

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