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Purpose Of Keeping Coding Challenge In The Interview

Purpose Of Keeping Coding Challenge In The Interview

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Purpose Of Keeping Coding Challenge In The Interview

Purpose Of Keeping Coding Challenge In The Interview

Hiring is one of the most crucial things that you would actually be considering. It is one such part of the business that needs to be done accurately and without any kind of problem. It does not make sense to waste your valuable time and money on interviewing the people who are not even actually much capable. That is the main reason when it comes to hiring an engineer or even the coder or programmer there are many things rather challenges that you need to put across which actually will give you a clear idea on whether you are making the right hiring or not.

Challenges that ease your Hiring Process:

There are many different types of coding challenges that you can actually consider. Such type of challenges ideally focuses on making the right type of hiring at the same time make sure you get a clear idea of the working style of the candidate. At the initial round of interview itself, you need to ask the candidates on whether they have the ability to create or set the codes. This should be asked to either get them an idea that coding needs to be prepared in next round or to let them practices a little more before the interview round starts.

Things you Notice form the Challenges:

The purpose of conducting such challenge is to of course gain a better idea of whether the person whom you are planning to hire is a right candidate or not. However, you also get an idea on whether the approach which such candidate uses to deal with the problem can be helpful and how many times does the person actually get stuck up when solving the coding issue. Know if the person chooses a methodical or slow option and whether the project is made in such a way that it= can be taken home for further solving or not. You also get to know whether the person is active enough to take up initiatives and whether the person has understood all the requirements as asked for or not.

If all things at the time of challenge or say a test goes well then it is appropriate to shift the person to next round of interview. This shall not include any kind of intense project to be done. But if someone makes it this far then the candidate can be known to be quite a lot dedicated to his work who can offer better results.

The successful candidate will, of course, show his level of confidence and would show the skills that you can actually use later. Of course, such person would be little excited about the opportunity that shows what can be done next to improve the organization. If you find that spark in the person and if you think it can help your business grow then look nowhere else. Rather, it is high time to consider your every approach for the organization that would lead to success in this competitive environment. So start your hiring process today.

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