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Plan Business Lunch! TOP 9 Steps to Follow!

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Plan Business Lunch! TOP 9 Steps to Follow!

Plan Business Lunch! TOP 9 Steps to Follow!

Business lunch is a perfect way to spend your time wisely and meet your clients or partners. This is also a nice opportunity to learn each other. Of course, business lunch is a kind of informal meeting but still, it’s all about business. You have to plan it first. Of course, everything starts with a meeting. You have to find a good car of a business class to meet your partners on arrival and take them to the hotel and meeting place. It is important as this must be a kind of high service and partners’ care. Try rentalcars24h mobile app – big choice and alternative prices.

What’s next?

You have to plan a lunch.

Just remember all business lunches you had before. Was everything perfect? How long have you been waiting for a waiter? What about alcohol? Make sure you are ready to organize your own business lunch and impress your partners with our simple tips. So, what makes your business lunch perfect?

Ready To Eat


  1. Place

Did you find a good place for lunching? It often depends on your partners, their time limit and location. Planning your meeting in the restaurant, pick a couple of possible variants. Also, try to pick places you already know. The same rules are good for the office lunch. You have to plan it. Just try to book enough space for lunch in the office and find a reliable supplier. If you are not sure about dishes to serve, get a consultation. Anyway, you can ask your guests about their food preferences.

  1. Meal or Coffee

Realize that business lunch is not always lunch. It’s just taking a meal in a pleasant atmosphere. So, modern people live at rapid fire pace. When did you have 6-hoursed working day? Thus, business lunch can be in the middle of the day, at dinner time or even at morning coffee.

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  1. Agenda

It often happens that people meet at the dinner table and forget what they wanted to discuss. You should remember the task of your meeting with or without food. Never forget that business lunch is finally just a meeting. So, you’d better to have a meeting plan, or so-called agenda, to list all important questions you need to discuss.

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  1. Nothing Personal

You feel comfortable when you eat. It’s natural. Every time when you feel comfortable you can relax and blur. Though, you can go to personals. Never do that! Say NO to personal questions, talks, and relations. You have a plan of your meeting so why don’t you follow it?

  1. Timing

Timing is needed. You should respect your guests and their time. Try to come earlier to check all details beforehand. What about dishes, comfortable seats? Is everything all right? Business lunch is a kind of business making so never let different troubles spoil your business. What should you do? You should be polite and keep the conversation alive during the meeting. As a rule, you should never start a business talk when you are eating. It is better to wait.

  1. No Alcohol

Do you plan to drink anything? That’s not a good idea to drink alcohol in the middle of the day! Where is your responsibility? Just say NO.



  1. Watch Manners

Business meal is a special platform to build up your business relations. What about your manners? They mean much. Is it a pleasant thing to share your dinner with someone who behaves just like a caveman? If you have doubts about your manners, try to learn manners beforehand. It is not a problem to find a special guide and learn in the best way what to do and how.

  1. Keep Talking

People like talking. It is good when you talk to your partners and make them think like they are important and you really care of them. Nevertheless, try to listen. It is important to listen to their opinion, know about their doubts, troubles. Try to seesaw between talking and listening. You’d better to put important questions and give all needed answers. Be polite and tolerant.

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  1. Pay the Bill

Get the check! It’s your responsibility. Don’t ever try to ask your partners to pay your bill only if they ask about it. If they insist you shouldn’t refuse but still be polite and try to take payment.

Your business lunch is over now. It is time to stop and think whether your meeting was successful or not. You may conclude and check your list. How many questions you have in it? Did you get all answers your questions? Have you discussed everything? Is there anything else to discuss? Conclude for yourself and make a plan what you are going to do now. You may advice your partners a kind of cultural program around the city museums or something like that. That’s great when you have something interesting to offer to your guests besides the official program.

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