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Modern Management – The Productivity Perks of Virtual Office Spaces

Modern Management - The Productivity Perks of Virtual Office Spaces

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Modern Management – The Productivity Perks of Virtual Office Spaces

Modern Management – The Productivity Perks of Virtual Office Spaces

The virtual office trend has been up and running for about eight years now, and as more companies move toward remote working, leasing offices have made improving the virtual office a high priority. The virtual office works by providing better IT services and on-site amenities to businesses that have adopted the remote working format. However, the virtual office also works with other populations that need a physical address and dedicated phone number, namely start-ups and the self-employed.

With a virtual office, professionals can work from any location in the world, but if they choose to, they can also reserve space on an as-needed basis. Because the leases tend to lighten the financial and logistical load of a business, it is a go-to for start-ups, the self-employed, those expanding into other markets, or those looking to relocate altogether. To learn more about the virtual office – Servcorp in Indonesia can give you a better picture of just how this office format can work for you.

To learn more about how the virtual office can improve office productivity, keep reading below.


In office leasing, the virtual office probably has to offer one of the most flexible plans out today. Not only can you work in virtual space, you can reserve conference rooms, meeting rooms, and private offices depending on your need. In addition, these offices provide IT services that are head and shoulders above that seen in the traditional office setting.

Not only do these offices prove to be versatile options to conventional spaces, they also can be easily adjusted at a moment’s notice. If you want to research and test new markets, having the flexibility to find space in another location is one of the virtual office perks. If your business grows and you decide to expand or relocate, then your lease can easily be modified.


In the past, remote working had many caveats, namely crude online tools. Today, however, the virtual office employs world-class IT services that most widely use high-speed Wi-Fi. Businesses can essentially complete whole projects online without ever meeting with team members in person.

A variety of online tools like file sharing, DocuSign, video-conferencing, and online chat make it simple for professionals in different parts of the country to communicate. Add in social media, online metrics, and SEO, and today’s businesses have essentially moved the on-site business infrastructure to a virtual format. As technology has evolved, remote work through the virtual office has made it possible for professionals to be more effective and productive.


Another perk of the virtual office is that it gives you access to a prestigious address without the premium price. For fledgling businesses, snagging a deal in a central business district is unlikely simply because the rents are typically higher, as is the case in Jakarta. However, the virtual office makes these normally costly locations more budget-friendly and accessible to professionals, which is of import. The closer you are in proximity to other businesses that have services and resources you need for your business the less time you waste acquiring them.


A typical commute in any major city can tie up at least two hours of your time moving in and out of the city. In an eight-hour day, this is almost a quarter of your time that you spend in traffic. Think about how much work you can accomplish in two hours. In addition to saving money in gas, professionals save almost ten working hours in the week by adopting the virtual office format.

The Many Benefits Of The Virtual Office

Of the many benefits the virtual office provides to business, these perks can be seen in productivity. Whether the amount of time you spend looking for space is reduced, whether these offices maximize the online collaboration, or whether you reduce the amount of time in traffic, the virtual office streamlines much of the daily processes that govern business. Add the cost-savings benefit, and your office increases its earning potential simply by being more productive.    

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