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Medical Building Construction – Here Are The 4 Reasons Why Hire An Experienced Company

Medical Building Construction – Here Are The 4 Reasons Why Hire An Experienced Company

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Medical Building Construction – Here Are The 4 Reasons Why Hire An Experienced Company

Medical Building Construction – Here Are The 4 Reasons Why Hire An Experienced Company

To the visitor and the patient, a medical building construction should comprise of the necessities such as medical rooms, convenient access to medical supplies, and of course – quality healthcare facilities having expert staff. However, healthcare facilities possess unique challenges for both the – stakeholders and the company involved with the construction.

According to a 2015 report by Revista, more than 1,270 projects were planned or underway with 25% being new construction or renovation. The accumulated cost for all the projects was estimated to be more than $97.1 billion.

Today, Construction is a trending topic in the healthcare sector. The aging population, competition within the industry, and the constant demand to raise the bar in the delivery of service has kept healthcare organizations on their toes to improve their facilities.

The investors, planning to construct a medical facility are well aware that the design and the implementation process require careful consideration of all aspects. Since hospital building is the most regulated type of construction, the company responsible for building the infrastructure should be familiar with all requirements for constructing a medical facility.

Simply put, it is imperative to hire a company that has prior experience of hospital building construction. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Patient satisfaction

Patients experience and their appreciation has become the front and center of the hospital design process today. In a recent survey, more than 86% of healthcare facility managers say that patient satisfaction is “essential” when it comes to the facility design. Additionally, more than 50% of construction companies claim that they use noise-reduction material during the renovation/expansion procedure to enhance the patient’s experience and prevent them from any discomfort.

An experienced construction company will always keep the patient’s satisfaction at the forefront. When designing the layout of the medical facility, the construction company will ensure that the patients and visitors are comfortable throughout the stay. They will also make sure that visitors have an easy time going from one area to the other without asking for assistance.

  1. Patient safety

According to a report, 61% of executives consider construction designs that prevent injuries from falling. A medical building caters to visitors of all ages and conditions. While the staff at the hospital is responsible for the overall care of the patient – the premises construction should ensure the safety of patients as well as the visitors and employees.

A reliable construction company will always keep the patient’s safety in mind. In fact, as many as 57% of hospitals create mockups to improve their designing process and create a safer environment for all.

  1. Better protection from natural disasters

No one cannot predict natural catastrophes. However, we can all be more prepared to brace them and keep our surroundings safe. In such scenarios, a hospital has to remain operational 24/7 to provide service not only to the patients within the premises but also to those who are in danger as a result of the disaster.

Take the example of Houston Texas Medical Center that suffered a loss of millions of dollars when a hurricane hit the hospital. Since the medical facility was not well prepared, it had to go through a lot of issues. However, the authorities prepped up their infrastructure and when the hurricane hit again in 2017, they were far better prepared.

As we said above, natural disasters come without warning. An experienced company should understand the dangers of the specific area and design a layout that not only protects the people inside but also remains operational during the ongoing disaster.

  1. Saves resources

The importance of managing time and money is essential for a construction task – regardless of the industry. Saving up on both these resources increases efficiency and the goodwill of any project.

A reliable construction company will make sure to save up on your time and budget by adopting proper planning process. Luckily, 65% of recently completed construction projects ranked on or under the budget as well as on schedule. Hiring construction companies that take care of your resources will also help the infrastructure in the end.

Final thoughts

Proper planning and implementation drive the hospital construction industry. Hiring a company that takes care of all aspects of construction will reduce the challenges and increase chances of approval by the authorities.

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