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Making Connections Makes The Dream Work

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Making Connections Makes The Dream Work

Making Connections Makes The Dream Work

No matter what job you plan to work in, it is crucial that you form connections and network with people of influence in order to get a job. Sometimes it is more a case of who you know, rather than what you know. For example, if you take a look at the cannabis jobs listings, you will quickly notice that their lots of opportunities available, but usually, these employers will end up filling these vacancies with somebody that they already know, according to

Creditability and trust are crucial in this industry. In an interview situation, this is quite hard to get across to someone if you have never met them before. This is why coming recommended by someone that the employer knows will help with your application.

Let’s take an example where an employer is looking to hire a dispenser for their dispensary. The employer doesn’t want to end up employing someone to work in a dispensary who they don’t know and trust in case they steal the produce. Plus, there are rules which govern how cannabis should be handled, so if an employee falls foul of the rules, the employer will have to pick up the pieces.

When making connections, it doesn’t mean knowing this connection in a deep and personal way. Sometimes it is just getting your name noticed. A great way to do this in my view is to create a blog and write articles on the latest developments in the industry.

Why Education is Important

Another one of the most important ways to get a cannabis job is in your training and education. Even if you have the connections, without any training or education, it will be impossible to get a job.

This doesn’t mean that you need to have a degree. As an example, employers who are looking for budtenders will be on the lookout for someone with deep knowledge of the various strains that they will sell.

Of course, there are online courses you can take and there are now many online “cannabis universities” who are becoming more prominent. There are also a number of offline training and degree programs that can be taken too. We feel that the popularity of the courses provided by these establishments will only become more popular in the future.

If you’d like to browse available cannabis jobs in your area, check out this link –

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