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Lessons Learned by Selling in Online Classified Ads Sites

Lessons Learned by Selling in Online Classified Ads Sites

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Everyone is bound to fail somewhere in life. But in every failure, there is a lesson. Even in the online world. Ever heard of the phrase “Think before you click.”? That’s very true, not just in posting social media updates, but in online selling as well. Every post, every advertisement, every photo we put out on the internet is going to be there forever. Selling online is no exception.

Be ready to learn from these valuable lessons you can get from selling in online classified sites.

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  1.       Visuals are Important

Never be that person who posts unclear, blurry, low-quality photos of products they are selling online. Photos are one of the key elements when posting on free classified ads sites. If you can, invest in a good yet affordable camera. And find a spot in your home with good lighting. From this, you can create a DIY home studio where you can take photos of your products. You can also learn basic photo editing techniques from the internet so you can improve the quality of your photos before uploading them. Remember, make a good impression using your photos as a tool. Know the allowed photo specifications of the site you are listing into.

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  1.       Are you always reachable?

Since you are selling on classified ads sites on the internet, chances are you are going to get inquiries at different times of the day. With this, how sure are you that you can cater to each and every inquiry? You have to make sure that you don’t skip on potential buyers. Also, be polite when answering queries. People prefer someone who talks with respect and knows how to answer questions. Also, learn how to differentiate potential buyers from power trippers and prank callers.

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  1.       Provide as many details as possible

Think of all the possible questions that a buyer would ask you. Size, weight, is it safe, shipping arrangements… After writing a good product description, take time and review it multiple times. Look for loopholes, and check if you forgot something that should be stated. Also, when writing product descriptions, be mindful of the maximum allowed characters of the site you are uploading to.

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  1.       Be safe

Since you are dealing with people on the internet, it’s best to have precautionary measures when transacting online. Don’t give confidential and private information unless you are 100% sure that you are talking with a legitimate buyer. Know your rights as a seller and be careful of every action you take. This applies to all categories, but most useful when talking about high-regard products such as cars and properties.

Selling on classified ads sites is very easy and quick. With just a few clicks, you can browse several items across several categories. But for a seller, there’s always room for improvement. Learn the ins and outs of the site you chose, and from that, you can observe how people react to your product offering so you can develop more techniques in selling.


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