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Instagram Stories as The New Advert Platform

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Instagram Stories as The New Advert Platform

Instagram Stories as The New Advert Platform

Instagram used to be the social media platform to only share pictures and short videos.  Starting from sharing only with those who follow you, now Instagram has reached worldwide user and thousand times more activity since the first time it is launched. Now we have Instagram stories, which is pretty much similar to Snapchat. But what makes it different is the discoverability. While Snapchat is only available for people in your connection (people who follow you), Instagram Stories are available for people worldwide, as long as your account is not locked. With the ability like this, it is possible to make Instagram stories as the new advert platform.

What do you expect from a video that averagely 30 seconds long? You might be curious since not much could be taken during such short period of time. But this is the main point of the whole thing: public’s curiosity. Let’s make a clear thinking about this: between detailed or couple of hints, which one makes you more curious? You might as well become not interested in something once you have known everything, but it won’t hurt getting to know some new things. This is why there are so many people start to do their selling by endorsement through Instagram stories.

The selling point of this Instagram stories marketing is how the endorsement partner could express their feeling as they are using the product. The 30 seconds video, if used right, could give off any perception to the audience, thus will light their curiosity on. The video, which will look like that it was taken real time (without being edited first), will get more trust. We could have seen many ads in the form of short videos, but they might not as trustworthy as the ones taken real time. It would seem that it was almost impossible to fake the expression and the impression on real time videos, or that is what people think unconsciously. Then it makes the curiosity even greater with embedded hashtags and locations so it would be easier for people to find.

Such advancement in technology has come to an age when the advert is so much simpler to do. Different with back then when mass media holds all the power to themselves. This is a big chance to make your product famous both local and worldwide. Design a new strategy on how to advertise using Instagram stories as the new advert platform and you will eventually reach a new height in your business.

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