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How Significant Is Cloud Computing in Education?

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How Significant Is Cloud Computing in Education?

How Significant Is Cloud Computing in Education?

Nowadays the education has evolved to the new levels. The improvement of technology has helped education niche to expand the possibilities for all the doers. Time and space are not barrier anymore in trading the educational experiences. A teacher can have thousands of students around the world without meeting them physically. The commencing of cloud computing makes the technology more favorable for learners and teachers to access information.

Gone are the days when you need to meet your pairs in one place to do the homework together. Instead, you could just text your friend to join the Hangout group in G+. No matter where you are, you can still connect with your friends without barriers. The discussions will be more thorough since you have plenty of time to “hang out” with peers without worrying about being home late. Instead, you could do over time at home, and your parents won’t scold you to be out at night.

Many learners and teachers are now moving to the trend of Evernote. It is a great option to provide the information and share it with your peers. Everyone will have the access on their device, and they can trade information around the clock. Writing quick notes and memos to share with the peers in Evernote can save thousands of trees because you can decrease the paper’s uses.

The other example of cloud computing which is prevalent with education is GDrive, and other cloud storage services like DropBox, MediaFire, ZippyShare and so on. These free services allow the students to save their educational materials without sacrificing their storage device. Not to mention that it will give peace of mind to students who want to be ready for their presentation. We still remember back then when we left our flash disk at home, that was the doom day for us. But when you store the files in your G Drive, you will have your important files nearby. And you can download them anytime you need.

With the cloud computing, it will also eliminate the needs of expensive textbooks. In many levels of education, many students can’t afford to purchase the textbooks. With the cloud based textbooks, the price will be more reasonable because these eliminate physical textbooks production costs. Not to mention that the digital content can be download easily and can be stored everywhere. These will save much space in the school or college library. Instead of bulking your bag with heavy books, you could just carry the copies in your smartphone or cloud storage site. And read them anytime you want, anywhere.

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