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Garden Trends To Try In Summer 2020

Garden Trends To Try In Summer 2020

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Garden Trends To Try In Summer 2020

Garden Trends To Try In Summer 2020

The UK loves the summer, and it’s likely due to the minimal amount of sun we usually receive. However, the past few years have shown more heatwaves and generally good weather throughout the summer, and it’s causing more people than ever to invest in their gardens. Here’s a look at garden trends in preparation for another good summer.


The days of uncomfortable and unsteady garden furniture is come and gone, and the majority of furniture designers are offering a much better quality of products. You’ll be able to find sofas, single-seater chairs and even outdoor dining sets options that use materials that are waterproof and frames that are safe to leave out all year round. Comfort is key when spending a day lounging around outside and if you plan on inviting guests around for a memorable evening of eating and drinking, you’ll want some comfy options for them to sit on.

Hot Colours

Flowers don’t have to be the only thing brightening up your garden in 2019, more elegant plants can add vibrancy with a brightly coloured pot, or your garden furniture could add some flare. The trend appears to show gardening stores offering tonal pattern so not everything is too intense, but it makes sure there’s a theme throughout the garden. You could consider painting your fences, changes your plants or just simply adding a few garden accessories to add a little extra life with colour.


Charred timber, marble and unusual stones are being used to add extra depth to your garden. It works particularly well if you have a long a narrow garden, but if you section off any garden into different areas, a small path can work really well to add character. Not only that, but if it has been slightly wet and you need to get to another part of the garden, it helps protect your grass from being damaged.

Water Features

Nothing attracts wildlife to your garden more than a water feature. They now start at reasonable prices and a variety of stone, plastic and metal designs can be selected. They complete both big and small gardens and add a sense of variation to a preferred simplistic garden. It’s something worth considering if you’d like to see some extra guest make an appearance such as squirrels and birds.

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